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  3. What is your opinion about Fate series gender bending so many heroes?

User Info: shootingfoul

2 months ago#1
Do you enjoy it? Dislike it? Or is indifferent.

For people who dislike it: If Fate series simply wanted to have a lot of female servants, how else do you think they could of handled it without gender bending great historic figures?

User Info: greycolors

2 months ago#2
Personally, as long as it's done in a way that's not too stupid, it's fine. Like artoria's excuse fits into her lore of why she couldn't directly inherit the throne. It's a tad more dubious when it's just kinda done because and there isn't an intersting story twist from it.

There are a decent number of legendary women, so I don't think it would be that hard to round things out with just natural women heroes though.

User Info: suchiuomizu

2 months ago#3
The concept has been there from the beginning and I'm fine with it, though sometimes I think they may have overboard with how often they do it.

User Info: BlueMage02

2 months ago#4
I hate it. It's half the reason I hate the series.

There's a decent amount of famous female myths/historical figures. Having less than we do now would actually make those specific ones more popular, anyway.

Friendly reminder that Jalter, as much as I hate her, is already one of the most popular servants even with the genderbending.
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User Info: CVGnaoki

2 months ago#5
Pretty indifferent. I used to dislike it because it felt like male servants were neglected but after actually engaging with a bunch of Fate media I found that regardless of gender balance I really enjoy the characters and stories. My only sore point anymore is that they haven't made male summer servants in FGO but I have my fingers crossed for this year.

User Info: OracleGunner

2 months ago#6
I'm indifferent to it.
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User Info: Ikorus13

2 months ago#7
I dont like when its just a thing they do because fanservice. Like with drake, even though i do like her.

It really only works for altria imo, because since summons are of a conceptual entity. Youre not summoning the actual person, but rather how that person is thought of by humanity.

Altria is an exception, because shes the real deal. Living, breathing, flesh-and-blood being catapulted through space and time due to her bargain with the counter force. "Arthur" is the appropriate and correct summon after her death.


Fate doesnt even try to exist in "the real world". Even from /stay night theyve been EXPLICITLY operation on multiverse theory, while also stating that the throne of heroes exists outside of space and time. That means it records all possibilities at once. So in some universe, sir francis drake actually IS remembered as a woman, and its that universe's drake that we're summoning, rather than the one from our own.

Since they manage to keep the rules consistent that way, i let things slide even if it is annoying. I really only tend to get angry when a story cant even stick to its own rules. Also i get mad when a story, even a bad one, has no faith in itself. Like sonic 06. Yeah it was a trashfire, but at least have the decency to let us the consumers make that judgement. When you yourself think its so bad that you retcon it WITHIN ITSELF rather than after the fact, why did you even bother making it?
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User Info: TiamatNM

2 months ago#8
Almost all major historical figures are men so that would limit them greatly if they were trying to keep accurate with history. I think they've got a better female pool to draw from mythology (medea, medusa, etc) but history is another matter. I don't have any problem with it and am very glad Nero is a cute girl even though there's no historical basis for it at all :)

User Info: Zinie95

2 months ago#9
Dislike. Just an excuse for disgusting pandering.

Then again this series started by being an eroge game so not surprising.

User Info: farson135

2 months ago#10
Occasionally it makes for a good surprise, or a fun switchup. But at some point I wonder why they bother when there are perfectly good female heroines they could base their servants on.
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  3. What is your opinion about Fate series gender bending so many heroes?
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