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User Info: SteelWingKnight

3 months ago#1
Almost exactly 48 hours until Solomon (if I'm understanding the release time right).

Just starting Babylon. Only finished Camelot last night. Going to try to finish Babylon before the release of Solomon so I can get the 30 SQ. Don't really have anything else to do in the next two days.

It's totally my fault, a combination of the horrible habit of leaving things until an undefined "later", health issues making it difficult to get anything done at times, and the release of Smash Ultimate and Artifact swallowing up my game time. It's always like this with me.

Does it seem doable?

I'm going to update progress and post the occasional thought here, let's see if I can complete Babylon in 2 days!
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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

3 months ago#2
With unrestricted apple use? 100% yes. I finished Babylonia in 3 or 4 days with apples, and I wasn't really no-lifeing it. You should be fine if you play constantly between now and maint on the 20th
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User Info: gametripleml

3 months ago#3
Depends. Are you planning to read through the story or skip?
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User Info: Eiyu

3 months ago#4
Minus three hours since maintenance time is usually three hours. So you're fine as long as you finish before the maintenance starts.
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User Info: rantck77

3 months ago#5
just have strong sabers and archers ready for the later 1/2
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User Info: diabloboost2

3 months ago#6
I did Babylonia using only about 3 apples in 2 days. There's 22 chapters but there are a lot of no-battle story missions and really only chapter 14 and 15 have any crazy length to them. I had to seal and use a couple quartz in 14 unfortunately because ghosts f***ing suck. If you skip its super fast but if you really want the story then you could get away with watching the opening chapter scenes, no-battle scenes and closing scenes of each chapter.

Babylonia is also getting an animated series I believe.
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User Info: PlytheFly

3 months ago#7
There’s certain decisions that affect how hard certain battles are so skipping those are a bad idea... of course that means doing research which also costs time.

I’d say it’s doable though. Good luck.

User Info: Kneekicker

3 months ago#8
Skip the story and read it later in My Room once all of this is over and you've got time to spare.

There are only two instances in Babylonia of dialogue affecting battle difficulty. The first instance is the fourth node of Chapter 12 against Quetzacoatl, and the second instance is every node of Chapter 14.

The top option is hard and the bottom option is easy. This applies to all of them, and when you skip dialogue the game automatically brings you to those prompts.
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User Info: Dishware

3 months ago#9
Easily doable.

Even if you watch the story it takes like 10-11 hours.

User Info: Telosa

3 months ago#10
Given that we got a lot of free apples leading up to DW, it's entirely possible to clear all of Babylon in two days. That being said:

1) Babylon takes over 1400 AP, so expect to spend at least 8 apples, on top of your natural AP regen.

2) Babylon has a lot of reading, and some chapters are just cutscenes. Be prepared to read through a lot of dialogue, or if your time is limited, skipping through the cutscenes, and then reading them later after the chapter is over.

3) For the most part, Babylon is easier than Camelot. That being said, some of the bosses are a bit complicated and might take multiple tries. Be prepared to replay some of the fights until you get it right. It's entirely possible to clear Babylon with nothing with three stars (the final boss can be soloed by Spartacus, for god's sake), but it'll take some work to under stand each.

Also, seriously - make sure you have a Jack or Bond 10 Hercules on your friend's list. You're going to need them.
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