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User Info: x Shadow

x Shadow
3 months ago#21
Are you talking about that last fight with her/it in Ch14? Can you not just bond 10 herc it? The thing only has about 300k HP, I don't remember it being a problem on JP. Though I don't remember what exactly I used either. Probably was just bond 10 herc though. He has about an 800k HP limit to how much he can take down with no support, so even if she seals one of your dodges and guts, he should still be able to come out on top...
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User Info: Acamar

3 months ago#22
Oh yeah, that fight was annoying. I got skill & np sealed every time. Luckily, my Saberlot resisted the np seal on the last turn, he was so close to dying (220 hp left) but then she was finished. I got a Herc with bond Ce as my anchor though. Maybe you can try to use him?

User Info: Hoid

3 months ago#23
Yeah I remember that fight, I spammed debuff immunities there.

I had Waver hold that one CE that prevents 3 debuffs.

So he could still charge my team mates for NPS. (Charge summer Martha to 100%)

Martha has high level Magic Resistance and eventually a skill Seal got blocked.

Used her heal that also gives a full debuff immunity.

I also was able to plugsuit in Sanzang to give the whole team debuff immunity.

That allowed her skill/NP Seal to go away, activated Jakob’s gauntlets and fired off her NP for the kill

1st time her passive and active anti-debuff wombo paid off
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User Info: Krentaris

3 months ago#24
This fight was, I think, the closest I came to wiping so far. Especially since I went into it blind and chose the pro-Ereshkigal option.

Thankfully I had Saberlot on my team who put in a lot of work, he only needed 1 turn to set up his crit magic. I also had Herc in the backlines who was the last man standing and finished her off... he actually got his Bond 10 during this singularity, so that's nice. Have been working on that for a while.
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User Info: Pikachuster15

3 months ago#25
Ugh, I hated this fight so much. Even with Saberlot and Mordred just busting her up, it took forever. Especially since I went in blind, and if I could have just fired off one NP brave chain from Saberlot it would have been over so much quicker. So of course the few times Saberlot's NP wasn't locked was when he had no cards that hand.

Its one of the reasons I dislike Babylonia more than Camelot. It felt less like a gimmick fight and more like just RNG screwing with you. Well, even more than the normal amount of RNG pain.

User Info: steak5959

3 months ago#26
I went in blind with 5 sabers, Ended up with only a lvl 80 void shiki at 7000hp left alive

I didn't do anything special, just brute force thru it.

But can't you just put a single target NP saber in back line and whack her with a command spell?

I actually found the hardest fight was against Quetzalcoatl and Triple Dark Ushi. I had to blew command spell on those.

User Info: insight2k1

3 months ago#27
I don’t believe the Waver I had was ever able to use any of his skills since he kept getting sealed. Okita got lucky and finally resisted the np seal, allowing me to actually deal with the boss.

This was probably the most tedious fight.

User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 months ago#28
5 Sabers
dEon - 2030
Mordred - Golden Sumo
Support Gil
Giles - Portrait: Ushiwakamaru
Lizzie the Brave - Maiden Leading Chaldea
Caesar - Chaldea Lunchtime

Main attacker was Mordred.
Only lost Gil.
Not the hardest fight I faced(that honour goes to Quetzalcoatl 2. Holy hell, that was hard.)
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User Info: x Shadow

x Shadow
3 months ago#29
Yeah I'm not sure how you could have issues with this fight, if you're prepared to use a bond 10 Herc.


As you can see in the shot, I've still got a guts left and I haven't even used the invincibility on the MC yet...
THIS TABLE... THIS TABLE!!~~! - Someone from an anime. Tables are very useful, indeed.
Almost orgasmically so. PSN: StoleMyOwnCar

User Info: greycolors

3 months ago#30
I just went with double okita and Caesar. Stars for crits and the fight went pretty smoothly. Cesar even got unsealed for a turn so he could pop buffs.
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