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User Info: greatapples

1 week ago#1
Few hours left. How many boxes do you have?

With the event ending today in a few hours, I wanted to see where everyone is at. If you are still farming, make a rough guess.

Other questions are what goals did you have for lottery and did you reach it yet?

User Info: mazurka

1 week ago#2
71 cleared

Goal was to just use all my gold apples. Which I was going to do until I saw how much AP the new singularity needs, so I changed to from using them all to saving 10 gold and 60 apples, and that goal has been achieved. Now just going to do what I can with natural AP til it's over.
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(edited 1 week ago)
Just got to box 30, with the help of many users on this board with mlb HNS, which is what I expected at the beginning of this event. I hope to get more though by the end of the day.
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User Info: maguskiller

1 week ago#4
Almost finished 15 boxes. Now work is finally over and I will have 6 hours to farm. My goal is 20 boxes but with the help of 120 gold and 28 silver apples, I may make it barely.

User Info: BlueMage02

1 week ago#5

My goal was to farm as hard I could.

I wish I could farm more but I'm burned out right now. Might try to do a few more if I can later today.
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User Info: Aratar

1 week ago#6
61 and I'm done. Spent 80+ gapples and ~60 silver.
Rest (10 gold and silver) I want to keep for Barbatos, I have hope that I will get to fight him atleast 5 times.

User Info: Goraishi

1 week ago#7
I think 9 right now, maybe 10. This event came at a really awful time to farm for me.

User Info: Core-Lokt

1 week ago#8
Out of budgeted apples yesterday on box 39 (still have 20 gold left). I think I could've finished the last of it on today's regen, but I'm enjoying the break before tomorrow.
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User Info: hardtimes

1 week ago#9
I wanted 100 boxes, but the grind is real. I am at like 43-44 boxes right now and hoping for 55 by the end of the event. Ive gone through about 75 apples so far?
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User Info: midgitninja1

1 week ago#10
20 or so. Would’ve done a lot more but college doesn’t allow that
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