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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

3 months ago#1
Your pulling plans? - Results (349 votes)
Not Pulling
43.55% (152 votes)
A few tickets/Yolo pulls
22.06% (77 votes)
A single 10-pull (or 10+ Yolo pulls)
11.46% (40 votes)
Multiple 10-pulls (or 20+ Yolo pulls)
18.62% (65 votes)
Full-on whaling
4.3% (15 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Babylonia Banner 1 Topic
2018-12-05 23:00 ~ 12-31 23:59 PST

Babylonia is here! The first Babylonia banner is mostly really strong, although Medusa Lily hurts it a little. With Enkidu, CasGil, and Demonic Bodhisattva, there’s a lot to like here, so even with Merlin and company on the horizon this is a solid place to pull.

Enkidu (5* Lancer)

Enkidu is a bulky and powerful Lancer whose only real flaws are a weird deck and a lack of an interlude. Enkidu holds up about as well as the other high-tier Lancers, and the class is so saturated with ST Buster NPs that strong servants like Enkidu don’t stand out quite as much as they might otherwise. Enkidu is a great pull, though, so if you still need a good Lancer, you like the way Enkidu plays, or you like Enkidu as a character, you might as well go for him.

Medusa (4* Lancer)

Medusa is a stally semi-support for Quick teams, but unfortunately she’s quite bad at it. She’s not unusable, but she’s one of the weaker SRs in the game and she’s a disappointing pull if you’re after Enkidu or CasGil.

Gilgamesh (4* Caster)

Gilgamesh is a support Caster who makes Arts teams play fast. He’s useful for bursty Arts setups, but he lacks the defensive utility needed to keep an Arts team alive in the long run. He’s significantly more valuable if you have a Poster Girl CE to run him with, as it plays off of his burst-oriented strengths quite well.

Devilish Bodhisattva (5* CE)
Equipped servant begins battle with NP gauge charged 50%; Equipped servant’s first NP usage gains two levels of overcharge

This is an interesting CE that’s mostly useful for farming, although certain servants with powerful overcharge effects (like Ridetoki) can benefit from this for shorter fights. Generally, though, this is a starting NP option for farming situations where overcharge is helpful, such as when using Shiki or Nitocris for IK farming.

Room Guard (4* CE)
Equipped servant’s star weight increases by 300%; Equipped servant’s damage received is reduced by 300

This is an odd pairing of effects. The star weight boost can be nice for crit-centric servants without intrinsic star weight buffs (like Sigurd), and damage cut can be powerful when paired with defense boosts, but the two effects don’t have all that much in common. Not a bad CE, but there are usually more cohesive options.

Seeker of Miracles (3* CE)
If the equipped servant is Divine, equipped servant’s NP damage increases by 15%

This is a gimmick CE with a weak effect that only applies to certain servants. Probably one to forget about and move on.

Should You Pull?

CasGil is pretty unique and Enkidu is great as an anchor servant and strong in the front line as well. Bodhisattva can also be nice to have on occasion. Medusa aside, this is a really strong banner overall, and you can’t go wrong pulling here, though we are getting dangerously close to Merlin, which hurts this banner’s appeal a bit.

In any case, best of luck to those pulling!
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User Info: ShotgunSamurai

3 months ago#2
with muh boy merlin right around the corner? lol nope easy pass same with banner 2.
Safety Kaijou!

User Info: veinir

3 months ago#3
i'm interested in caster gilgamesh but I won't roll when he shares rate up with a trash lancer that is worse than fionn...
and merlin is 2-3 weeks away, easy skip.

User Info: Desides

3 months ago#4
Pulling until I get all three servants. All three are unlocked and unlimited so they'll spook their way to NP5 at some point.

User Info: VirusLord

3 months ago#5
Going all in for Lil' Medusa! ...That is, after a 7-day delay I'm going all in for Lil' Medusa. First I have to go all in for story-locked Big Medusa. Anyway, definitely hoping that I get Bodhisattva along the way, and I wouldn't mind getting CasGil either. Enkidu sounds cool too (and would complete my collection of ungendered Servants, haha), though I'm not exactly desperate for a new 5* Lancer, since I've already got NP3 level 100 Tamamo Shark.
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User Info: Dishware

3 months ago#6
I don't really care for arts-teams is what I've found, so even CasGil doesn't really make this banner worth it for me. Bodhisattva just seems superfluous in the cases where you actually want to use it.

Enkidu is just another pretty good ST lancer.

User Info: Reno_Ragestar

3 months ago#7
If I have leftover sq from rolling Gorgon I will but until then just a random ticket I get tonight.

User Info: LoneCourier

3 months ago#8
Went a bit too hard trying to NP 2 Amakusa (even though I said I'll not try to pull him), I'll skip and try to save whatever SQ I can for Merlin.

User Info: Neas

3 months ago#9
Going to pull until I get one copy of both Gil and Demonic CE. Everything else is gonna be a nice extra. Since my strongest core is Arts, Gil is gonna be a nice addition!
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User Info: Stway

3 months ago#10
Throwing any tickets I acquire for Bodhisattva.
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