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User Info: V-Alphabet

4 months ago#1
Favourite SSR... in Topic Question - Results (243 votes)
BB (Summer)
22.63% (55 votes)
6.58% (16 votes)
Sesshoin Kiara
8.23% (20 votes)
Okita Soji Alter
20.58% (50 votes)
Abigail Williams
13.17% (32 votes)
Katsushika Hokusai
28.81% (70 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Favourite SSR Ruler/ Avenger poll:

I don’t really know much about any of these characters besides Okita so my vote goes to her. Next round is the final round where the 9 winners will vs each other.
Atalanta best Cat Girl but... Medea best female so Both are great!

User Info: V-Alphabet

4 months ago#2
On a side note:
Holy f*** yeh!!!! Took me 4 f***ing days to gen this but this s*** was worth it!!!!
Atalanta best Cat Girl but... Medea best female so Both are great!

User Info: Core-Lokt

4 months ago#3
In these polls, I've been indifferent to candidates, lacked knowledge of some, and a couple I would be willing to burn. This is the first poll I am stuck for an answer and won't vote. Come home, Okitan and Hokusai. I'll be waiting.
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User Info: aliceroose

4 months ago#4
It's hardddd

Design : Hokusai, Okita Alter, and Summer B.B
NP : Okita Alter
Character : Hokusai and Summer B.B
Ascension Sprite : Summer B.B

Overall : Hokusai

User Info: PortableNewbie

4 months ago#5
Don't know any of them well enough. Will skip this one.
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User Info: Eab1990

4 months ago#6
Abby, of course.

I’ll admit this Hokusai doujin was great though.

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User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

4 months ago#7
Hokusai, Er, Oui, EASILY, She completely dominates the others, I mean don't get me wrong, Abigail is adorable as hell and I'd love to have her, but Oui will ALWAYS be ahead of the others, I want her so freaking bad, also, Casual Outfit when?, LOL.
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User Info: rickets987

4 months ago#8
I have no resistance whatsoever to summer BB.

But I really want to get Hokusai, Okita Alter and probably Melt + Kiara. Based only on character designs since I haven't experienced their personalities.
FGO: Deerlet

User Info: Escarlata

4 months ago#9
Abby with Hokusai being a very close second
The foreigners easily have some of my favorite animation and dialogues in the entire game.

User Info: pkmnpkmn

4 months ago#10
Get dunked.
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