Your first servant to reach bond level 10?

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After many months, I finally got my first bond level 10 servant!

Out of curiosity, who was your first servant that reached bond level 10 or currently the closest to reaching it?
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User Info: Goraishi

6 days ago#2
Malter on JP, Lancelot on NA.

User Info: DataOmega

6 days ago#3
None yet but I will soon: Kojiro.
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User Info: GSenjou

6 days ago#4
The woman who brought down the sun.

User Info: Zinie95

6 days ago#5
Cu Alter. He carries too much.

User Info: Wu_Hu

6 days ago#6
it was either ibaraki or herc

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

6 days ago#7
NA was my beloved King Artoria Alter followed closely by best worker boy Waver. In JP is was Lancelot Zerker then very closely behind being Merlin. In fact I recently got my 3rd bond 10 in NA being the awesome Drake. Next will be Raikou in NA and Brynhildr in JP.
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User Info: Sephirotht

6 days ago#8
I'll let you know

User Info: Ikorus13

6 days ago#9
None so far, but i have a feeling its going to be mah boi rider toki. He's been putting in work since pretty much day 1 for me, and is primarily responsible for my being able to progress to the point im at now, where i dont need him as much but still like to use him because he's reliable. Hes now very, very close to bond 9.
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User Info: Mortoast

6 days ago#10
I love my fluffy dragon <3
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