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User Info: DataOmega

5 months ago#1
So, fittingly enough, the winner of the poll was Nero Claudius! Hello, my fellow Masters! Today we are going to talk about one of the most well liked characters, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (wow, long name).

So, for those of you who were lucky in the banner, she is a 4* Servant who is potentially alright on her own. Her skills are very selfish but it does play a key part in her kit, being durable. Her first 2 skills heal her and the 3rd skill, which you get by Interlude, gives her Guts 3 times for 5 turns. This makes it possible to solo with just her because of her 3rd skill alone. Her NP is no slouch either. Its a defense ignore AoE that further decreases everyone's defense for one turn. She is pretty boss and can potentially NP spam. Personally, her 1st skill should be changed a little bit? Other than that she is fantastic.

So, you may know her from a PSP game called Fate/Extra and the anime Last Encore. In the game, she is one of the playable Servants along with Caster and Archer. She is the Easy route as her skills, stats are already really good and that you only need to exercise extreme caution towards the end of the game.

Now, the tackling of her lore is gonna be very different. Instead of ME going to explain, I'm going to let Nero herself explain her story. Think of it as her reward to all for playing with her and enjoying the event. I can assure you, she will definitely say that whilst asking for praise.


The video leads to the completion of her Matrix, which if you did everything correctly she will open herself to you and tell her infamous story. As for me, I'm only going to be touching on ONE aspect of her story, and that's the Great Fire of Rome.

In her story, she omits this event for it was already well known and she has already told the player prior to this talk. So what is this event? Sounds nasty right? Truth is, there are MANY conflicting stories about this. So, of course, there was a fire in Rome. Big deal. But the problem was who actually was to blame. Some sources said it was Nero. Nero did it in a bunch of ways through different testimonies: One where she delibaretely told her men to set fire to the city (one account says the men were pretending to be drunk, men who were sane set fire to Rome and etc.) whilst playing a lyre and singing, or Nero herself started the fire but put the blame on the already disliked Christians. There is however another testimony regarding this event: The entire thing was an accident and Nero successfully mitigated the casualties to which praises were sung. Nobody knows which is true so pick your poison.

Nero's significance in FGO and Facts:
- 4* Saber
- Has a 5* variant named Nero Bride
- Her 3rd skill could be a reference to her F/E skill called Thrice Setting Sun in English, which is contradictory since it only let you revive once but in FGO its 3
- Is a main character in Septem
- Her bride form had a minor role in E Pluribus Unum

Nero's significance in Fate/Extra (not touching on CCC) and Facts:
- One of the playable Servants
- The easy option
- She will love anyone, regardless of gender
- She thinks harems are fine
- Her matrix is the easiest to complete
- Her Noble Phantasm is the only one out of the other three who deals damage that also acts as a 3 turn AoE buff for her.

Personal Thoughts:
- Her life is filled with lies and betrayal. She just wanted to be loved in return, in a way she can understand. This is why she best Saber. Umu!

Design: 9.3/10
Battle: 9.0/10
Lore: 10/10
Quirkiness: Umu, Umu!/10

What about you guys? What do you think of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus?
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User Info: RayMaster94

5 months ago#2
Still my all-time favorite Servant. I probably wouldn’t be a fan of Fate today if it wasn’t for the fact that she caught my eye on the cover of Fate/Extra when I was checking out games at a store.
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User Info: Zinie95

5 months ago#3

User Info: ivanhellsing

5 months ago#4
Zinie95 posted...

f*** off to FEH board then
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User Info: Zinie95

5 months ago#5
ivanhellsing posted...
Zinie95 posted...

f*** off to FEH board then

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User Info: GSenjou

5 months ago#6
RayMaster94 posted...
she caught my eye on the cover of Fate/Extra when I was checking out games at a store.

Same. Her skillset and overall playstyle was so dull though, I think I dropped her run 1/3 of the way through and switched to Tamamo's.

User Info: DarkFalcon

5 months ago#7
GSenjou posted...
RayMaster94 posted...
she caught my eye on the cover of Fate/Extra when I was checking out games at a store.

Same. Her skillset and overall playstyle was so dull though, I think I dropped her run 1/3 of the way through and switched to Tamamo's.

I run both, it's great if I ever get down to just those two out on the field. NP shenanigans all day long :P (unless, on the very, VERY odd occasion, I get an arts chain every turn, and just about every other turn is someone's NP going off)
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User Info: Ikorus13

5 months ago#8
The Attention Whore of Babylon is pretty great. She takes pretty much everything in stride, and is basically okay with whatever. Nice lady, really. She doesnt like to talk about palace intrigue much, but was a shrewd and cunning manipulator.

Bit of an exhibitionist too. She will relentlessly hype herself to anyone who will listen. And anyone who wont listen.

Statistically the WORST saber. Her parameters are dreadful. But thats where her self-centered attitude works for her. Imperial Privilege is bulls***. Because of imperial privilege, as long as she buys her own hype, she BECOMES the hype. She can be as good as she believes herself to be at anything she pleases. She's as fast as she thinks she is, as strong as she thinks she is, as talented with the sword and as good at magic - or any mundane pursuit like violin for that matter - as she beleives herself to be. The more she buys it, the more powerful the effect. So her actual stats dont matter at all.

Her noble phantasm, the Lause St. Claudius, is similar to a reality marble, but different in some ways, being more of a summoning type skill to manifest a personal territory not unlike a mage's workshop. It only has one effect - it SUPERCHARGES her imperial privilege. Inside the walls of her Golden Theatre, there is basically nothing that's beyond her reach.

As a unit in fgo, shes the arts member of the anchorman trio. Her thrice-setting sun skill combined with the bulk offered by imperial privilege and her hp weighted stats mean she can last for a pretty long time before relying on her guts and potentially even bounce back and gain momentum if you can throw enough heals at her. Offensively, since her attack is on the low end, shes reliant on her npaa brave to bring the pain. This is easiest solo, or in an arts team where she can get arts chains. Her np also makes a nice opening act for an np chain, since it reduces defense for the round.
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User Info: rickets987

5 months ago#9
Zinie95 posted...

Yeah, for once I completely agree with you. She's sexy and nothing else. Her constant bragging is extremely off-putting. To hell with Rome.
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