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User Info: hihi123hihi

5 months ago#1
One of the best things about this event is farming the lottery, so it would be best to focus on how to make a team that can beat the Conqueror quest quickly while still equipping as many Joint Recitals as possible. Share which teams you're using or think would work well for farming this quest.

Here's what I'm currently using:

I spend the first wave building up Jalter's NP, which should take 2-3 turns. In the second wave, I use Lancelot's NP and apply several buffs which allows him to kill everyone with just his NP as well as generate a ton of stars. This wave only takes 1 turn. Then I finally buff Jalter and use her NP on Dantes as well as use crits to finish Dantes and Amakusa off. Her crits do tons of damage especially due to the crit buffs, but depending on my luck with card draws this wave takes 1-2 turns. A Brave Chain starting with a normal Buster card targeting Dantes guarantees killing everything in one turn. In total this takes 4-6 turns per run.

Probably not the best team comp I can do at the moment so I'll need to experiment further. Also, if I get a 5th Joint Recital to drop I'm going to replace Kscope with it so I'll need to change my strategy when that happens.
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User Info: SkeithTerror

5 months ago#2
Not the most efficient for drops but it’s done in 5 turns; 6-7 if RNG gets cocky with me.

Though it’s a fun place to train.

User Info: hihi123hihi

5 months ago#3
Here's my new setup:

It's not as reliable, but it works. First turn I NP charge with Helena, switch in Waver and use his 30% charge on Lancelot, and try to gain as much NP as I can for Jalter and Lancelot. The rest of the battle is about the same. Takes about 6-7 turns.
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User Info: GSenjou

5 months ago#4

Max bonus, not too worried about the turn count, as I've got spare time. Takes 6-7 turns. The backline doesn't matter, they're just there to fill in.

As usual, Raikou obliterates everything.

User Info: MasterPoker

5 months ago#5
I feel like most of the people who are gunning for 3-4 turn full event CE clears are throwing away Bond on Bond 9+/Mash Servants to do it, or else have Foresight EX.

I'm getting 5-6 turn clears with a Bond Farming team, with a frontline of Heracles/ZerkLancelot/SupportWaver and Mage MC for reshuffle/leveling. Since I don't have any CE drops yet, Herc is on the Atk+200% CE (I'm aware this is costing me the Bond+50 CE). I usually 1-shot Wave 1, spend 2-4 turns on Wave 2 Buster Zerking, then Herc NP Brave Chain on Wave 3 for a 1-shot.
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User Info: Zinie95

5 months ago#6
These qualifier nodes are not the best places to farm right? They are gonna be unlocked at the last few days?

User Info: wany1981

5 months ago#7
My setup is mash, baron and jalter with support waver. So far 30 fights and never needed to use servent in last 2 slots.

User Info: TwEak3r

5 months ago#8

I pretty much do the same thing as you TC but with Raikou. Max bonus with a 5-7 turn clear. Depends if Jalter has her NP/buster cards in the end. Raikou is a nice alternative for criting and Shakespeare can buster buff if someone dies.

Highest bond in that team is at 7 so not losing out on bond points.

User Info: Pikachuster15

5 months ago#9
So far my frontline is Jalter with the damage CE, then Waver and George (and everyone else has joint recital). George taunts the chimeras (in case of an unlucky crit on Jalter), then Mash comes in and buffs the defense while Jalter takes out the second wave (even without brave chain the other Jalter and Gilles can't take many hits and Jeanne is almost harmless on her own). Her NP takes out Dantes then Amakusa goes down in three, four hits.

Its not the fastest, but at least between Waver and Mash's buffs I don't have to worry about losing Jalter. When another Joint Recital drops, maybe I'll swap out a support for a berserker and just go for +6 petals.

User Info: pkmnpkmn

5 months ago#10
Kintoki/Lancelot/2 wavers.Kintoki has bride CE and everyone else JR.

Facecard the chimeras
Lancelot wipes wave 2 with NP.
Kintoki nukes Dantes with NP and a single buster from him or a lance crit kills amakusa.

3 turn clear most of the time. Occasionally the turn 1 cards are really bad in which case it takes 4.

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