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User Info: Gamenamebully

6 months ago#1
Which of these describes you best in Summoning Servants? - Results (339 votes)
Average(Some good pulls, some bad. Nothing special)
36.87% (125 votes)
Golden(Pulls 4 or 5* servants like they're candy W/No Money)
17.7% (60 votes)
Cursed (Struggles to get 4 or 5*s/New Servants or CEs)
14.16% (48 votes)
Selective Dodging(Gets everyone but who you want)
19.76% (67 votes)
Whaler(Spends money for what you want)
11.5% (39 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I put my own terms here on people I keep seeing around FGO on how their luck is.

Which of these describes you the most in this game?
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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

6 months ago#2
Average. I started out cursed as hell (dropped 600+SQ on Scathach's banner and didn't get a singe 5-star servant), but this year my luck has more than balanced it out. If I could just get lucky one more time on this banner, then I could save until Ishtar with absolutely no worry...
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User Info: epyon45

6 months ago#3
You silly goose. This is Gamefaqs. Everyone has EX rank luck and pulls 5* while being f2p btw.
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User Info: zangatsubankai

6 months ago#4
Freaking weird. I just dropped some cash on Quartz in the hopes i could get Martha, got a 2030, Anne and Mary (Rider) and Archuria.

Edit: Make that 2 Archuria's in 2 pulls. Whelp, I'm out of luck for the next decade.
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User Info: Squidkids

6 months ago#5
Selective Dodging(Gets everyone but who you want)

I got 6+ lancer spooks, no mae bu got karna, a np 2 liz and 3 flionn (the 4th was on part 2 so that one doesn't count)
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User Info: MasterChaos45

6 months ago#6
F2P Average luck, but it comes in waves.

I'll get two SSRs in succession in a month, but then get 2-3 months of dry pulls, then pull another SSR. I'll also get my SRs in succession in about a one week span

User Info: rickets987

6 months ago#7
Whales can be those other things, too. Money doesn't go as far as you'd think in this game.

User Info: Liutena

6 months ago#8
Pretty good luck with F2P Quartz, but horrible luck with paid Quartz. Got almost nothing worthwhile from $160, and guaranteed 5* banner gave me vlad.

User Info: greycolors

6 months ago#9
Somewhere between above average and selective dodging. I've only pulled two servants I was pulling for on rate up, but I've been spooked by a lot of good servants here and there, so it's been a trade off.

User Info: Iced144

6 months ago#10
I was extremely unlucky for the first year, but I've now gotten every single ssr I've wanted to roll for with quartz to spare. I've gotten the ssrs fairly early in my rolls so I've been able to snowball my quartz, which only increases the probability that I get a good one until I crash horribly. Yes, I'm expecting a crash.
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