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User Info: Darkrunedragon

7 months ago#1
Who did you end up 4th Ascending first out of your roster?

In my case it's looking like it's probably going to be Siegfried.
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User Info: Mikewind

7 months ago#2
Mine was Kiyohime
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User Info: Dishware

7 months ago#3
Saber Alter.
I remember grinding Germania in Septem for a week to get claws. That was kind of desperate, I admit.

User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

7 months ago#4
Ruler Jeanne D'Arc, way back when the game first released!

I remember the awe I felt at seeing her final ascension art for the first time. It was absolutely amazing.

My sub's first 4th Ascension (it happened soon after my main's Jeanne) was Carmilla. I was equally amazed by her art.

What I felt at those moments is why I keep the Friend Ascension option off and feel sad when final ascensions are spoiled for me, hehe
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User Info: ReiRei89

7 months ago#5
Ushi or Bryn IIRC
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User Info: MasterPoker

7 months ago#6
My first was definitely Jeanne. I didn't put effort into my 1*-3* roster early on, Jeanne's mats were easy to understand and farm, and Jeanne is a great solo carry for a new master.
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User Info: NE_OC

7 months ago#7
Mikewind posted...
Mine was Kiyohime
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User Info: DreikoSaMa

7 months ago#8
Hmm...it was prolly Kojirou I think.

User Info: DarkSeraphim5

7 months ago#9
Mine was George. My early game was basically just double Herc everything from safely behind him.

User Info: FeatherineA

7 months ago#10
Rider Martha or Emiya, not sure anymore but definitely one of those two.
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