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  3. So which servants did you bag out of these Summer Banners 2018?

User Info: aivedoir

5 months ago#1
Who was your most prized pull? - Results (461 votes)
19.31% (89 votes)
Archuria NP2+
15.4% (71 votes)
18.66% (86 votes)
Martha Ruler
11.5% (53 votes)
Surfer Mordred
4.99% (23 votes)
Marie Caster
3.04% (14 votes)
Anne & Mary Archer
5.64% (26 votes)
4.99% (23 votes)
None, got spooked by a non-swimsuit 5* !!
4.34% (20 votes)
None of the above / didn't pull.
12.15% (56 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Two hot summer banners with plenty of swimsuit ladies. List all the (swimsuit) servants you bagged from this event!


User Info: DarklordMephist

5 months ago#2
Gawain, because I rolled camelot 2 instead :kiyoface:

No tristan...how sad
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User Info: Strippin Heat

Strippin Heat
5 months ago#3
I got spooked by both forms of Lancelot, but there was no option for 4* spookings.
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User Info: VirusLord

5 months ago#4
NP3 Tamamo Shark! She, uh, was the only gold Servant that I rolled on the summer banners, but she was also my top target, so I'd definitely rather have it this way than the reverse.
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User Info: hypersonic2000

5 months ago#5
NP1 Marie
NP2 Martha
NP1 Archuria

Total spent: 120 quartz, 25 tickets

really shocked. I do not get this lucky usually. I'm one of those guys who spend like 600 quartz and get nothing.
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User Info: HeartUnderBlade

5 months ago#6
For me it's Anne and Mary (Archer) since I got them to NP5, but at the cost of having no SQs now. At least it'll give me time to focus raising my other servants.
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User Info: Desides

5 months ago#7
Where's the "all of them" option?

User Info: Krentaris

5 months ago#8
In total:

NP2 Tamalancer
NP1 Anne & Mary
NP1 Mordred
NP2 Kiyohime

NP1 Archuria
NP2 Martha

Total: Approximately 400Q and 30-35 tickets

Really can't complain, summer was super kind to me it seems.
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User Info: Sage-arrow

5 months ago#9
This is the first non guaranteed banner I spent money on. So far, I've gotten every Servant except the two Archers.

Additionally, I also managed to pull Altera and Lancelot, which means I now have at least one version of every playable Round Table Knight, which is nice, and should hold true until either Merlin comes (if you believe he's an actual RTK, or just an advisor) or the Camelot Lost Belt arrives.

Oh, and I guess there's Proto Arthur, but I don't really count him.

And all that for 150 SQ.

I still have enough for 20 pulls though, so it might change. Not going for 10 pulls anymore unless I get Archuria in the next few.

User Info: Wolf_Boss

5 months ago#10
I used 10 tickets, no summer servants.

I didn't care about those servants either way, a little bit for Archuria though because she's fav char of FSN...but i already have her OG.
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