Rabbit's Reviews #132: Kiyohime (4* Lancer)

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Kiyohime (4* Lancer)


Following a summer servant who’s a good ST Buster Lancer, we have… another summer servant who’s a good ST Buster Lancer. Not only do Tamalancer and Kiyohime share a banner, they have pretty much the exact same role. Kiyo and Tamamo function differently and Tamamo is better overall, but Kiyo has the advantage of being cheaper, and although she’ll eventually be topped by Vlad and Raikou, at the time of her release she’ll be the best SR Buster Lancer in the game. Not bad.

ATK: 8936
HP: 11870
Attribute: Earth
Growth Curve: Linear
Star Absorption: 91
Star Generation: 12%
NP Charge ATK: 1.05%
NP Charge DEF: 4%
Death Rate: 40%
Traits: Dragon, Female, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish

Cards: QQABB
Q: 2-hit
A: 2-hit
B: 6-hit
E: 5-hit

Availability: Limited

Active Skills:
Blazing Summer Passion A (All enemies crit chance down 20-30% for 3 turns; 7 turn cooldown)
Bathing Transformation A (Self Buster card performance up 20-30% for 3 turns; 7 turn cooldown)
Pursuer of Love A (One enemy 500% chance defense down 20-30% for 3 turns; One enemy attack up 20% for 3 turns; 7 turn cooldown)

Passive Skills:
Madness Enhancement EX (Self Buster card performance up 12%)
Magic Resistance D (Self debuff resistance up 12.5%)

Noble Phantasm:
Doujouji Kane, Hyakuhachi-shiki
Type: Buster
Hit-Count: 6
-Deals 600%* damage to one enemy
-150% chance to seal the target’s skills for 1 turn
-Inflicts a 500** HP burn on the target for 5 turns
*Scales with NP level
**Scales with overcharge

Total Ascension Materials:
-Lancer Piece x14
-Lancer Monument x14
-Octuplet Crystals x6
-Sea Shell of Reminiscence x8
-Black Beast Grease x8
-Lamp of Evil-Sealing x6

Total Skill Materials (per skill):
-Gem of Lancer x14
-Magic Gem of Lancer x14
-Shining Gem of Lancer x14
-Sea Shell of Reminiscence x12
-Octuplet Crystals x12
-Dragon Fang x48
-Dragon’s Reverse Scale x8
-Crystallized Lore x1
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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

6 days ago#2
Kiyohime’s attack and HP are toward the middle of the pack for SR Lancers, but her base stat total is quite low—for reference, Lartoria Alter has about 1000 more attack and almost the same HP total—which puts Kiyo at a bit of a disadvantage. Her NP gain is interesting, with fairly typical base Arts NP gain for her deck, weak NP gain on her Quicks, and a super high Buster-to-Arts hit-count ratio that means she can actually gain a fair bit of NP off her Buster cards when given an Arts lead. How useful that is will depend on your team and your play style, but if you can provide Kiyo with enough Arts leads to leverage her high Buster NP gain, she’ll do a pretty good job of using her NP regularly. Her low-hit Quicks hurt her active star gen, though with 6-hit Busters and a 5-hit Extra she should be able to drop a reasonable number of stars off a brave chain if you give her a star gen buff. As passives go, Kiyo has your typical Magic Resistance, but she also has Madness Enhancement EX, which is super unusual for Lancers and makes her great Busters even more excellent, on top of providing a solid boost to her NP. This goes a long way to offset her low-ish attack.

Kiyo asks for 48 fangs per skill, but aside from that her mat requirements really aren’t bad. You can safely ignore her first skill if you want, but the other two are definitely worth leveling if you plan to use her.

While Kiyo’s skillset works pretty well, it’s very bare-minimum and looks a little underwhelming in comparison to servants we’ll get later on. Recommended skill order is 2>3>1.
-Passion is not great. A 30% AoE crit chance debuff that’s active more often than not makes Kiyo and her teammates less susceptible to stray crits, which is cool, but overall it’s one of the weakest forms of utility and does very little for Kiyo in the larger context of her kit. It’s not so-terrible-it-might-as-well-not-exist bad (*glares at Aesthetic Appreciation*), but it’s certainly not very exciting.
-Transformation is a standard 30% card-type buff on a 5-turn cooldown. This is a perfectly acceptable skill and it can add up to a solid chunk of additional damage if Kiyo has the supports she needs to NP twice in three turns, but it’s directly outclassed by many future skills which provide the same (or a stronger) buff along with useful secondary effects, so it’s kind of unexciting overall.
-Pursuer of Love is a slightly more powerful version of ‘Zerker Kiyo’s Stalking skill. It provides a respectable 30% defense debuff three turns of five in exchange for boosting the enemy’s attack. This is actually more detrimental to Lancer Kiyo than it is to ‘Zerker Kiyo, as in ‘Zerker Kiyo’s case this is mostly just an NP amp for easier farming, while Lancer Kiyo is meant for boss-killing and is expected to stick around longer. In a single-target fight, the defense debuff is effectively a 30% boost to the whole party’s damage for three turns of five, which is a larger boost than most unrestricted party buffs provide, so the demerit is probably fair, but it can interfere with defense stacking teams and puts the already-flimsy Kiyo at risk of dying to focused card damage. You may have to plan around the demerit to get the most out of Kiyo’s kit.

Kiyo’s NP is good just by virtue of being an ST Buster NP on a servant with significant in-kit damage boosts and great Buster cards. The secondary effects, unfortunately, are not great—skill seal is one of the most niche forms of utility and can sometimes be detrimental as it ensures the enemy will use all of its actions to attack instead of potentially wasting time with irrelevant skills, and the burn is mostly for flavor. Still, this is a good NP for damage purposes and that’s all Kiyo really needs.
This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard!
Official Shiki Ryougi of the Fate/Grand Order boards

User Info: 22whiterabbit22

6 days ago#3
Usage Tips:

While Kiyo is at home in Buster teams, she benefits from having access to Arts leads and therefore has a bit better synergy with the support Casters than many Buster servants do. This probably goes without saying, but Hans, Waver, and Merlin are all great picks, though Merlin’s inability to protect Kiyo from her own demerit makes him a bit less useful than he might otherwise be. Aside from them, Ivan and Martha are both great partners for Kiyo. Martha has three arts cards for Kiyo to use, and both servants have ways of boosting Kiyo’s damage and have buff clear skills for removing the attack boost Kiyo applies to the enemy.

While Kiyo likes using her Buster cards and would appreciate LZO, she might also benefit from Heaven’s Feel or (if you have healing in your team and are feeling gutsy) The Black Grail, as their buffs stack multiplicatively with everything in Kiyo’s kit and will let her NP do pretty excellent damage.

Grail Potential:

As with Tamalancer, the biggest problem with grailing Kiyo is that there are a ton of good Buster Lancers to choose from. Even among SRs, Vlad and Raikou are both probably better grail targets—and you can make a pretty strong case for a grailed Raikou being the best Lancer period, not just among the SRs—but Kiyo is still perfectly respectable, so if she ends up being the only one you pull and/or she’s a personal favorite, she’s not a bad grail pick.

In Conclusion:

Where Tamamo is complex, Kiyo is simple. Kiyo may be a disappointing pull for most people pulling on Tamalancer’s banner, but she’s not really all that far below her 5* friend. She’s a solid, straightforward Buster servant who needs a little help to stay alive but is aside from that mostly self-sufficient.

Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings:

Overall: 8/10
Single-Target DPS: 9/10
Survivability: 1/10
Offensive Utility: 5/10
Defensive Utility: 1/10
Farming Usefulness: 3/10
Passion: 10/10
This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard!
Official Shiki Ryougi of the Fate/Grand Order boards
Kiyo's kind of due for an upgrade to her first skill, but other than that it's hard to find much to complain about looking at how her kit comes together. Being able to weaponize her busters for arts gain in a way even Scathach can't is huuuuuge, yo. I really like her design from a pure gameplay perspective since not many servants can use busters for something that isn't beating face in. Very solid servant to grab, and besides, it's Kiyo!
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(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Is_Corrupted

6 days ago#5
I want her more than Tamalancer. o.o I just wanna come out of summer banner with one of them.
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User Info: Buddy7787

6 days ago#6
So Raikou better than Tama and Kiyo?
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User Info: BandedAtrain

6 days ago#7
Buddy7787 posted...
So Raikou better than Tama and Kiyo?

Kiyo, yes. Tama, depends on grails and whether the enemy is male.
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Buddy7787 posted...
So Raikou better than Tama and Kiyo?

Yes but she's forever away. Get a lancer this summer and a new one the next imo
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User Info: Buddy7787

6 days ago#9
Well I recently got Scathach, not sure I need Tama or Kiyo
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(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: OracleGunner

6 days ago#10
Buddy7787 posted...
Well I recently got Scathach, not sure I need Tama or Kiyo

It's a question of who is your waifu. Though in terms of utility, Shishou can basically kill anything that is remotely divine and isn't a saber, plus her np stuns foes, plus all her bonuses for skills. But it's quick based so no buster meme for her.
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