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User Info: Excenmile

2 months ago#1
Rate the King of Heroes (Eiyuu-O) - Results (288 votes)
51.39% (148 votes)
34.38% (99 votes)
3.82% (11 votes)
2.08% (6 votes)
2.78% (8 votes)
I haven't used him enough to rate him / I just want to see the poll results.
5.56% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Rate how good is Gilgamesh based on your experience!


User Info: hypersonic2000

2 months ago#2
SS and I hate him since he never came to my Chaldea. 500-600 quartz down the drain.
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User Info: Desides

2 months ago#3
Easily SS. And he only gets better with Merlin's introduction.

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a Gilgamesh + Merlin team video. Probably because it's as close to an autobattle win button that this game will ever have.

User Info: Dishware

2 months ago#4
SS obviously, this dude is the perfect DPS, he only lacks a means to survive by himself but who cares.

User Info: rantck77

2 months ago#5
S performance during banana-mon
F for personality
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

2 months ago#6
My first 5 star ever.

B before his NP interlude and SS after it.
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User Info: GSenjou

2 months ago#7
The king of heroes

User Info: Wolf_Boss

2 months ago#8
Current state of NA server and our meta, S.

Current state of JP server and their meta, SS.

Literally Gilgamesh is the lore compliant King of Heroes. Funnily he started as the worst archer of the game, DW gave him some buffs and now he's the best Archer of the game. He's an example of a well groomed and updated vanilla servant, they can keep people relevant if they want to.

His kit is simple but highly effective. His claim to fame is his NP, that can deal ST damage to servants, so his damage is uncontested when fighting mutiple servants (JP meta). The addition of break bars just make the consistency and NP spamming that this guy can do even more broken.

Right on NA meta where bursting stuff fast is the meta, he's still an amazing damage dealer but probably below the likes of Jalter, Ozy, Archuria and Cu Alter. Not the most effective pick but he's still a top tier option.

User Info: greycolors

2 months ago#9
I would rate him S right now, just because his 3rd skill hasn't gotten it's upgrade yet. Once he gets it to patch up his mediocre np gain, SS for sure. Able to farm and servant boss kill and servant wave clear, Gil can do it all, and he's the least conditional special attack modifier, meaning he almost never fails to hit for ST damage on servants.

User Info: DemiseEnd

2 months ago#10

Enuma Elish interlude is the dumbest interlude buff in the history of the game
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