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  3. How well leveled are your Mystic Codes?

User Info: farson135

7 months ago#1
I’m curious about how other people are leveling their Mystic Codes. Do you just stick with a few codes, and ignore the rest? Do you spread your EXP out so that everything is leveled? Etc. Also, what is your favorite MC? If it varies based on Team, then what team/code combinations do you prefer?

I try to level all my MC as much as possible. With the ones that require a massive amount of EXP, I leveled them to 6, and then move on.

My levels are-
Chaldea: 10/10
Memoria of Lunar Mare: 10/10
Combat Uniform: 7/10
Mage's Association Uniform: 6/10
Atlas Academy Uniform: 6/10
Anniversary Blonde: 7/10 (my current MC)
Royal Brand: 1/10

My favorite code is probably the Atlas Uniform. That MC became valuable to my Arts Team (Orion, Tamamo, Waver) by increasing survival, and allowing me to double up on Fox Wedding.

Combat Uniform, and Anniversary Blonde have also been very useful, but I have no missed moving away from them (yet).
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User Info: veinir

7 months ago#2
I level the ones that requires less experience first and leave all the other for last:
Chaldea: 10/10
Combat uniform 4/10
Mage association uniform: 1/10
Atlas Institute: 1/10
Anniversary Blonde: 10/10
Royal Brand 10/10

User Info: Ikorus13

7 months ago#3
I only have Chaldea, Chaldea Combat Uniform, Mage's Association Uniform, and Atlas Academy Uniform.

Of them, I've only levelled Chaldea so far. Starting work on the others now. Mage's Association is level 2.
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User Info: NE_OC

7 months ago#4
Everything at 10, except for the following ones:
buttplugsuit: Lv1
Atlas: Lv5
Mage: Lv6
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User Info: rantck77

7 months ago#5
Basic maxed
Combat lvl 8
Blonde lvl 7

All others still 1
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User Info: xenos74

7 months ago#6
My levels are-
Chaldea: 10/10
Lunar Sea: 10/10
Combat Uniform: 9/10
Mage's Association Uniform: 4/10
Atlas Academy Uniform: 2/10
Anniversary Blonde: 10/10
Royal Brand: 9/10

I don't mind "wasting" xp on maxed codes, but I do try to level them all up.

I usually don't need any specific skills from them except on the more challenging quests like Rashomon raid

User Info: Dishware

7 months ago#7
Main Acc: Standard/Blonde 10, combat 7. Rest 1, I don't give a damn about them.
Arts alts: Only basic/combat
Buster alts: Only Blonde, too lazy to bother leveling combat on them though I should.
Edmond Dantes alt: Royal brand. Self explanatory I presume.

User Info: cheezstache

7 months ago#8
Combat Suit and Mages Association are at 5/10
Atlas is at 1/10
All others are maxed

User Info: SkeithTerror

7 months ago#9
Chaldea: 10/10
Lunar Sea: 10/10
Combat Uniform: 6/10
Mage's Association Uniform: 4/10
Atlas Academy Uniform: 2/10
Anniversary Blonde: 10/10
Royal Brand: 8/10

Focusing on Royal Brand, though my favorite to use as of right now is Anniversary Blond cause of its burst damage and comes with a safety net.
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User Info: Yamada_II

7 months ago#10
I have Anniversary Blonde at 10 because I like using it for Nobu Nobu.
The original Chaldea one is also at 10.
Royal Brand and Lunar Mare are at 8.
Plugsuit is at 3.
Mage Association uniform is at 4 because I was using its NP boost a lot in the middle.
Atlas is at 1 because I haven't used it at all since I haven't yet tried to figure out how best to use it.
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