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  3. Is us server even trying to catch up with japan?

User Info: dodobird78

7 months ago#1
Should they follow up with korean example?
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User Info: ComaPrison

7 months ago#2
no. too much content too fast as it is. i need a good long event break to:

A) Level up my boiz n bishiz
B) Fill my second archive with gold embers
C) sell silver embers to rack up MPs for the final MP shop CE that releases in less than 3 months
D) Upgrade my second archive spaces
E) Fill those spaces too
F) Complete the countless interludes and rank ups that are waiting for me.

User Info: greycolors

7 months ago#3
I think it would probably kill the game from burnout. This game type is already less popular over here. Making the game less pleasant and more hectic isn't a good idea.

User Info: insight2k1

7 months ago#4
People are already complaining that we’ve gotten three events back to back, I highly doubt they’d stick around if we had a non-stop déluge of events and banners.

User Info: DarklordMephist

7 months ago#5
They are just rushing Onigashima so we can have Camelot before anniversary. I think we will return to normal pace after. They said in the beginning, they have NO intention of catching up to JP
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User Info: Desides

7 months ago#6
NA will make significant ground on JP this autumn/winter. The second half of the year is fairly slow, with mainly filler banners and event re-runs that can be abbreviated.

User Info: DJG2009

7 months ago#7
Shortening reruns is pretty unfriendly to newer players who don’t have a set of CE’s from the first run and probably not in the best interest of the game. Shortening the banner uptime and reducing (but not eliminating) the amount of dead weeks would be the best way to slowly catch up.

User Info: cheezstache

7 months ago#8
No. Rushing would not be lore friendly. Solomon has to occur just before the new year for story reasons. It doesn't make sense for it to occur earlier than that. Same applies to the Part 2 prologue, which is set to take place on December 26 of next year.

User Info: XorKoS

7 months ago#9
I don't think they try.

User Info: RPGman1

7 months ago#10
Turning into the Korean server is the last thing I want from this game. Concurrent grinding events? No thanks.
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  3. Is us server even trying to catch up with japan?
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