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User Info: SkeithTerror

8 months ago#1
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User Info: hihi123hihi

8 months ago#2
It started out challenging without event CEs, but it's a breeze with the CEs. Easily killing her 3BP version and her hands with the following:

Chaldea Combat Uniform
Jack NP2 - Shana-oh (MLB)
Scathach - Shana-oh
Support Waver - Golden Carp
Leonidas - Golden Carp (MLB)
Georgios - Golden Carp
Cu - A Fox Night's Dream

I still have an extra Golden Carp which would make it even easier, but probably might do the opposite and switch out a Golden Carp with another gacha CE for more gourd drops.
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User Info: Eiyu

8 months ago#3
Second node was pretty tough at first, but trying to get more event CEs before tackling the third node. Haven't touched the first node at all.
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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

8 months ago#4
3BP is kicking my butt. I tried a Jalter/Hans/ Support Waver (Backline was Orion/David/FSN Cu) run and only managed to stall to 15 turns once (I was trying to go for the kill, but ended up resorting to defensive tactics), and she wrecked me 3 consecutive times afterwards. She hits crits at the most frustrating moments; effectively one-shotting my servants if they're below 90% hp

2BP is easy, but gets a tad bit annoying if I focus on killing the hands first
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User Info: Sage-arrow

8 months ago#5
At this point, I can reliably stall 3BP to a 4-4.5m DP payout. Not the best, but I only have two Carps and no MLB Shana-oh.

Once I have a few more, it should get significantly easier to kill the banana on 3BP.

User Info: rantck77

8 months ago#6
2BP I'm ruling, but 3BP requires more finesse which I'm seriously lacking
pulled 1 fox and got 3 shanas and 1 carp

at 12.8 mil
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User Info: LegoTechnic

8 months ago#7
3 BP is much more manageable with a MLB Ushi CE and a couple of Carps, but Waver's shield skill should not be underestimated. If you're lucky enough to stack double Waver both skills together can give you about 3 turns where you'll hardly take any damage at all, and even if you only have one Waver you can get a similar effect with things like Orion's and Tamamo's person shield skills stacked with it.

I went into 3 BP early with Orion, Tamamo, double Waver (one support) with only one carp and a regular Ushi CE on Orion but had to stall out at the end with a clutch Cu last-man-standing. Going to have to come back after at least MLB'ing the Ushi CE I think. For all the memes of bullying the banana, she really likes to pound back.
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User Info: farson135

8 months ago#8
I can consistently survive the 3BP, but the closest I have gotten to killing her was 2 million away. Currently I am only using one Ushi, and 2 Carps. So I expect it to get easier.

I haven't failed yet, but a few of those crits came at awkward times.
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User Info: insight2k1

8 months ago#9
That 3BP fight is pretty stressful, things can take a turn real quick. I'm currently at 79 million but a couple of those fights were almost wipes.

User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

8 months ago#10
Able to clear the 2BP no problem, but am hesitant to try the 3BP.
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