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User Info: rantck77

8 months ago#1
For the 40 AP skeleton node you’ll want to bring in scathach support if you don’t have, and an AOE lancer like liz, alter, or hector

The 2nd wave skeleton king pulls a waver and boasts the whole partys atk and np dmg so it’s best to weaken it and take down the whole group with an AOE, the 3rd wave king with the +200k hp can be OHKOed with shishous NP fully buffed
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

8 months ago#2
My NP2 Scathach always OHKOs that weenie skeleton "king" with just her own 2 buffs :3
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User Info: ZechsRaines

8 months ago#3
In the third wave, both Skeleton Kings can be killed in a single brave chain by a fully buffed and leveled Shishou. NP the stronger of the two Kings and let her brave chain (while still buffed) clean up the second one.

I've been using Cu, Shishou and support Shishou to one-shot all three Kings. If you're not fortunate enough to have your own Shishou you'll have to improvise a little, but it's a fairly straightforward fight of "nuke the Kings clean up the rest".
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User Info: VictourieFlake

8 months ago#4
Scáthach is the main star, took my whale friend @Sarah (at least I assume she is whaling) and I have no idea what's your username is but thanks!

Cleared it with Leonidas + David + Scáthach.

But really just support Scáthach can solo it.

After some digging found out who Sarah is ! @farson135
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

8 months ago#5
Yep, the hunt is definitely built for Scathach. With her class advantage over archers and skill that boosts her damage against undead, she's perfect for it. She takes out the strongest Skeleton King in one turn easily when she's fully buffed up.

I'm using:
Scathach w/ Teacher & I
Tamamo (for arts cards to build up the Scathach NPs)
Scatach support

So many bones dropping so easily.
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User Info: Al91

8 months ago#6
I didn't use Scathach. I took someone's Lalter and supported her with Jeanne and Hans (both with 2030 and Maiden leading Chaldea) so Lalter Crits as often as she can

User Info: ChemicalBurrito

8 months ago#7
This quest can be completel crushed with Busty Lancer Alter, support Karna, and Waver.

I’m actually surprised how easy this is considering I don’t even have but one gold lancer.
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User Info: Magnus_Shadow

8 months ago#8
they suppose to drop em bone's alot but im getting gold archer exp cards more

User Info: Queen_of_Lazy89

8 months ago#9
I've been easily clearing by using Karna and Scathach with Helena buffing.
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User Info: LegoTechnic

8 months ago#10
If you have a Liz, you can use her defense down skill for decent effect before hitting it with a ST NP.
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