Ereshkigal is coming guys! How is your wallet after the loli bait.

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  3. Ereshkigal is coming guys! How is your wallet after the loli bait.

User Info: Goraishi

3 months ago#21
She looks cool and all, but I don't need a Lancer really. Also really hoping they'll put back up banners from the year for new years again so I have a second shot at Merlin.

There was no date on the info page for this was there?

User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
3 months ago#22
Not bothering. I don't even need to roll. Not for a long-ass time. I got Rama and Nezha on the first Salem gacha, plus my second Kaleido (SHUT UP MY CE LUCK IN JP IS SO BAD), and I'm up to something like 27-29 non-welfare golds plus every non-story-locked 3* either at NP5 or close to it outside of the ones I hate and won't use. I don't have Caster Gilles or Taiga due to story lock and still being in Camelot because I suck and can't make myself feel like I can do the fights because I SUCK.
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User Info: usuratonkachi

3 months ago#23
i was this close to rolling for abigail last night. good thing i didn't.

User Info: DeathSniper90

3 months ago#24
she is just another AOE lancer so be carefull on that one. Unless her skills are broken this is just another standard AOE lancer. Karma already does that well.

I love rin as much as the next guy but the AOE NP kinda kills it a bit.
Trust me, i'm your friendly neighborhood whale. If you ever have Fate G/O questions feel free to ask!
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User Info: Sir_Punsalot

3 months ago#25
You say the loli bait
But I was baited by Nezha
Either way I’m fine since Ereshkigal is also bait, the way I see it.
My quartz are saved for whatever mother harlot is supposed to be (Tange Sakura + Wada Arco according to the leaks. Don’t wanna think it, but it seems plausible) and Sigurd.
PS3, ps4: gamersama (s*** user id I know). PsVita:uae_spetsnaz.
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User Info: Derbmeister

3 months ago#26
everything is bait for me

so i just roll everything

User Info: rantck77

3 months ago#27
Still waiting for Ishtar in the nA
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User Info: PdzJoe

3 months ago#28
I thought circe and nezeha were bait and abigail was an innocent gacha and now you're telling me both were bait for ereshkigal?

Lol I'm just chilling here with my 3 quartz and 1 quartz fragment. I prefer welfare ishtar but I need a summer welfare ereshkigal now.

User Info: Bird_Man_Yu

3 months ago#29
I mean I got around $30, But I'd rather save that in case they do another "Guaranteed 5-Star from a specific class" thing, Cause if I pull from the Rider, Ozy, Quetz, or Medb, I'd be happy with any of those 3 and I'd have a decent chance to get any one of them.....Since my current 4-Star Rider's aren't really meant for pure damage dealing, lol....
TFW: You're praying for an SR/SSR CHARACTER and get nothing but crap:

User Info: SkeithTerror

3 months ago#30
Its difficult hearing that someone who uses one of the main Outer Gods is simple "bait"... That concept never crossed my mind with any banner. I guess its all about perception and priorities..
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." - Captain Jack Sparrow
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  3. Ereshkigal is coming guys! How is your wallet after the loli bait.

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