Are you farming socks from 40 AP or 50 AP?

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User Info: aivedoir

4 months ago#1
Will you be farming socks off 40 or 50 AP? - Results (245 votes)
40 ap
74.29% (182 votes)
50 ap
20% (49 votes)
One of the lesser AP nodes.
5.71% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
50 AP free quest is out!

Not referring to one-time clear. We're talking farming for socks for the rest of the event. Will you be mostly farming off the 40 or 50 AP? Give the 50 AP a try or two before voting which node you've decided to farm off.

User Info: Deathborn 668

Deathborn 668
4 months ago#2
40AP with a Jack support instead of dual SAlters.
God Santa Alter's NP generation is goddamn abysmal. It's complete suffering trying to beat 40AP with dual SAlters quickly, with 80 apples to burn. Definitely feels worth losing 8 stockings per run in order to have a chance to use every last apple.

50AP took me like 10 minutes to beat, there isn't a goddamn chance I can farm that without wanting to kill myself.
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User Info: xenos74

4 months ago#3
50 AP was fairly easy with dual Santa and Jack. Had no deaths, all event CEs, but took forever.

Farming 40 AP with Jack, Santa, and support Jack for the rest of the event

User Info: Etherstream

4 months ago#4
40 AP has more hands = more chances at Phoenix Plumes


Try to get a Friend List LB Santa Alter or Jack so you can use Halloween Princess on your own Santa Alter, it works much better and her NP damage raises from like 45k to 70k or so. (L5 burst / Master Atk). Well I have my Halloween Princess at L60 so some of it might be the +Atk on the card too. Should outright kill Boudeca and Atalante and leave Mary at like 20k where if you're lucky and brave chain she just dies without needing to rely on your FL Santa to do anything.

User Info: Magnus_Shadow

4 months ago#5
40 one 50 just once for the lore

User Info: DNoobX

4 months ago#6
Do the stockings reset infinitely or stop after 6th reset? I already got the Crystallized Lore and the tier after has 4 Bronze Apples and the other stuff.
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User Info: MadHatter32

4 months ago#7
50 AP is easy once you get a hang of it.

In the first row have David with NP CE to kill Attila asap Alice and your SAlter with halloween princess and build NP.

Alice should take care of Carmilla. If you don't have her replace her with something else, Caesar is good.

Excalibur Morgan the last row and deal with the remains.

User Info: CPUsEveHeart

4 months ago#8
Someone calculated that doin' 40AP give more sock than 50AP so yeah.

User Info: GrimLord_Xtreme

4 months ago#9

The only things i hate is wave 1...those Reindeer with 4 charge when charging Santa's NP is annoying.
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User Info: hihi123hihi

4 months ago#10
GrimLord_Xtreme posted...
The only things i hate is wave 1...those Reindeer with 4 charge when charging Santa's NP is annoying.

Yeah, wave 1 makes or breaks the run. Waves 2 and 3 are easy for me as long as I don't take too much damage in wave 1. I just try to take out Altera before she gets her NP off, and usually the rest of the run goes well. The reindeers are definitely annoying though with their 4 turn NP gauge.
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