Jeanne or Scathach?

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User Info: SkeithTerror

7 months ago#1
Who is more attractive to you? - Results (183 votes)
37.16% (68 votes)
62.84% (115 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Everyone seems to be head over heels for these two, so here's a fun poll about both of them.
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User Info: xEmiyax

7 months ago#2
I'd let Scathach pierce my heart any day.
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User Info: ChingTheMonkey

7 months ago#3
First vote for Jeanne
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User Info: wind64a

7 months ago#4
Scathach has a handsome protégé, so I guess she wins? They're both pretty.
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User Info: TheOneAndOnly44

7 months ago#5
Scathach's looks give me more of a "mature" vibe which I like, and I enjoy her color scheme more than Jeanne's (though Jeanne's 3rd ascension colors are phenomenal). If Jeanne had short hair like JAlter, then I likely would've picked her.

They're both designed very well, though~
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User Info: gotohades

7 months ago#6
Jeanne wins for me. On top of being my waifu, her third ascension art is just beautiful to me. I really like how her hair looks unbraided.
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User Info: 22whiterabbit22

7 months ago#7
Jeanne. Scathach is actually a little too curvy for me. I generally think more modest/balanced proportions are more attractive.
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User Info: usuratonkachi

7 months ago#8
tough choice but i voted jeanne.

User Info: JillV

7 months ago#9
Too bad Jeanne Alter wasn't added on the poll, she has some really provocative clothing when dressing normally, but I voted for Scathach. :3

User Info: SuperOreman

7 months ago#10
Character design wise Jeanne. Personality wise Jeanne. Without clothes on Scathach...
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