So I started playing this again and now I remember just how bad it is

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  3. So I started playing this again and now I remember just how bad it is

User Info: cheddarsword

6 months ago#11
GlLGAMESH posted...
MartinB105 posted...
As I understand it, PSRQ is only really effective once you've already got the excitement level of the girls high and the Owner level high. Maybe I'm wrong about that though.

All you need to do is one legit vacation to get an S+ and a girl's satisfaction to 100, then just keep doing PSRQ with that girl and she'll keep getting S+. You'll still be making a decent chunk of owner cash every 12 minutes or so (the average amount of time to complete a PSRQ vacation) even without having all the girls' excitement levels up.

so THAT'S how that works. okay then, so what's the best way to get a legitimate S+ then?

another question: Can i switch between girls after the first legit S+ for each one, or should I remain consistent?
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User Info: KNiles

6 months ago#12

When I knew this game was coming out, I really did expect alot more from the gameplay side of things.
Figured by now since the graphics and all have improved so much and how they have better tech to do a ton more, we'll get a game that has the eyecandy and tons to do to collect those things.
Just.. you know - since they bothered with the graphical improvement, then they best to make the game good, right?

Sure, I did expect it all to be of the mini-game type of nature, but I figured the island would've been absolutely littered with alot more activities than the previous games had. Possibly alot more interactivity with the girls too, either dialoque or activity-wise. Owner mode by the sound of it, really sounded like actually managing an island resort where the girls would stay.

But nope. All of the gameplay can be experienced in probably like 15 minutes.

So only we're left to play it - who are actually that into the girls. Sad but true. I'm sure with more fun gameplay this could've reached a much bigger audience.

Oh and I apparently seem to be the only one here not knowing what PSRQ stands for? Tried forum search, comes up with no topics at all. I assume rock climbing->quitting or so?

Gotta say that if they really come up with new games to this series (Doax:Sense etc) and they all are this poor in content - I'll be likely to pass. Tempted to vote with my wallet in support of games like this, but at the same times would like it if they put more effort to the game side of things. A whole lot more that they could do with a concept like this.

User Info: cheddarsword

6 months ago#13
PSRQ: Pool Side Relax Quit.

apparently, if you can get an S+ rank on a vacation, then you can do repeat vacations with the same girl by simply repeating the above process the entire vacation and each time get another S+ provided she's wearing a liked swimsuit and you agreed to the partner at the beginning of the vacations.

I guess you get loads of cash by doing this, plus it builds EXP for both the owner and the girl's excitement level.

a PSRQ vacation can be done quickly too. i guess it's probably the best way to get the Fortune outfit to unlock as well.
Don't turn around I will go away. Leave you at the middle of nowhere in hell.
Forgive my sin never feel you again. You won't remember the time we were in love.

User Info: Maelora

6 months ago#14
Eh, just go and play something you like then. There are loads of games out there.

I've got 90% of the items/swimsuits for all girls, all bar two of the girls to 100% excitement, without ever using PSRQ or autogrinding. I find it relaxing; I don't expect it to be porn or have the playability of an AAA RPG or anything. I hit owner level 110 after about a month playing during the x7 and x3 bonus weeks.

It is not mandatory to play DOAX, so if it's not for you go and do something else.

>>Tug of War are pretty much luck-based mission

This is simply false. There's a very specific way to win Tug of War and I win about 90% of the time even against a Hard opponent.

User Info: snook

6 months ago#15
I kinda feel for you. I have unlocked more things than you but that's just mean I have more tolerance. I got so bored that in all seriousness, I fell asleep numerous times mindlessly grinding. I also bought vr primarily because of this game. But I need another game to justify the price tag. RE7 made me do it and I love it. I got all my 3 favorite girls to 100 - momiji, nyotengu and helena - and the rest 60 (required level to unlock all poses) thanks to the bonus exp. But 6 months passed, no freaking vr. f***. Then the vr just came out of nowhere.

Butt battle is actually my favorite. I do think it's more of a skill based game. I always win if I get serious. The normal bump, the super bump, and the evade - there are instances you should use it and instances you should not. There are also instances when you just want to stand still and accept the hit. I think it's fun and they get wet too so that's a bonus. I sometime let my character purposely fall down just to get her wet lol.

Just like you, I find tug of war more of a luck based game. Except for easy mode wherein I just mash the pull-rope button and for some reason the game always lets you win. In normal or hard, I do win like 60% of the time but I don't feel accomplished. Unless you have lightning fast reflex, I don't see how you can predict it. Although I think some girls love to pull, some loves to let go, so I guess you can base your strategy out of that. But for me, I just stand still and wait for them to do the "let go" move and mash the pull button. It's a sure win for that round. So if they pull twice consequtively, I'm screwed.

For volleyball, I could also win 100% if I play serious but getting perfect 7-0 is near impossible. They sometimes spike the s*** out of the ball that it seems to be impossible to catch.

The beach flags in hard mode, I could probably win 1/10 times and I'll end up with a sore arm. Not worth it.

Pool hopping is kinda fun but it gets old very fast.

Rock climbing, this is obviously fan-service. Damn, this should be in vr. The game itself is boring though. This is something you just let the ai take control and enjoy the girls' behinds.

Casino sucks. I wan't to see the girls goddamit. The only game here that is kinda worth playing is the roulette. With save scumming, you could probably win 1.5m in 5 mins - if you are lucky. You could go well over an hour and still not get anything. It's so random and boring as hell.

The time stop ability is good in vr for those one-time animations. Stop the time - get a good angle - play - enjoy the view. Other than that, it's kinda lame. Staring at a lifeless mannequin is just not doing it for me. The best unlockable item is still the fan. Blast the s*** out of the girls. Lol
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  3. So I started playing this again and now I remember just how bad it is

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