What are the official extra colors for each girl?

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User Info: stratogustav

10 months ago#1
Sometimes it is easy to know which costume goes with who because the set comes with very easy to distinguish colors, but other times they have 1 to 4 costumes with colors that don't belong to any particular girl.

Sometimes it's just hard to know if it is purple, pink, blue, or green for example. Other times you don't know if it is beige, brown, cream, orange, bronze, gold, or yellow. Then there are those occasions when they have a gray, a silver, a white, and even a black & white. So it is hard to know which costume goes to who.

For example with the cow design pijama it was easy to figure out that it belongs to Honoka because the borders were cream and she already has a costume with cow design, it is in fact hers because after you give it to her the heart appears, and that means she loves it.

Normally it goes like this:

Ayane - Purple
Helena - White
Hitomi - Green
Honoka - Cream
Kasumi - Pink
Kokoro - Orange
Marie Rose - Blue
Momiji - Red
Nyotengu - Black

I know it is better to just choose whatever you think goes well with them, but it is always good to know what are the official colors to make the gifting easier.

For example who is gold, who is bronze, and who is silver? Is there anyone that has those colors assigned? Or are the colors I already mentioned for each girl the only ones already assigned?

User Info: RollingCradle

10 months ago#2
Marie Rose Gold
Honoka Silver
Kasumi Bronze

User Info: Tech_Ninja

10 months ago#3
I have to agree that things can get confusing when it comes down to the colors for these girls. Sometimes TN will purposely select a totally different color for a girl's swimsuit instead of her favorite color. Even though Hitomi's favorite color is "Sky Blue" she has been known to get a number of green outfits. I find it very odd that with so many colors that TN could select for these new girls (Momiji, Marie & Nyotengu) in comparison to the older roster that they chose to repeat certain colors instead of simply adding new ones. Honoka appears to be the only one who received an actual new color (Cream). Even though Marie's color is acknowledged as "Deep Blue", Momiji's as "Crimson" & Nyotengu's as "Jet Black" these colors still look the same as the colors used by the previous girls.

Marie (Deep Blue) - Tina (Blue)
Momiji (Crimson) - Lisa (Red)
Nyotengu (Jet Black) - Christie (Black)

I can see where the patterns come in to easily be identifiable to certain girls. For me I recall Honoka's favorite plush doll (Mr. Moo) when it came to her pajamas. Even for Ayane I remember a camouflage swimsuit of hers from Xtreme 1 that had a soldier's helmet with it that had me identify that pattern with her in later Xtreme games.
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User Info: bigdaddyjh2002

10 months ago#4
I like colors. Sonic Colors.
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User Info: Maelora

10 months ago#5
There's often a lot of differences to their 'official' colours.

The Waffles came out again today, for instance, and they're all over the place. Kasumi gets a black and white one, MarieRose gets pink, Helena's is red and Momiji's is purple.

Also, some suits like the Salmon Roe have versions that aren't favoured by any of them,.

So go figure. I just use a like/hated list and it makes things easier.

User Info: Great_Pudding_3

10 months ago#6
Their wrapping paper color. Gold & silver, etc. are player's choice.

User Info: stratogustav

10 months ago#7
Maelora posted...
I just use a like/hated list and it makes things easier.

Where is this list? Is there a link?
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