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User Info: Matt-Moores

7 months ago#11
Most of y'all are on point.
Trust in The Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

User Info: Maelora

7 months ago#12
I miss the DOAXBV days when the gals - all of them, not just the Japanese ones - went on holiday and chilled out and played volleyball.

When they didn't need 'missions' being screamed at you every time-slot, and the girls didn't need an 'Owner'.

I don't think we need to be smelling them or touching them or peeking on them or making their outfits explode :(

Or having every creepy Japanese fetish dialled up to 11.

I am NO fan of Itigaki, but the more time goes on, the more I think he had a basic respect for his creations that the current Team Ninja lacks.

User Info: RollingCradle

7 months ago#13
Team Ninja are not afraid to face the issues head on.

Push it to the limit!

User Info: Velvet_Blues

7 months ago#14
Finally!! Some DOAX3 related news...*reads various articles on internet pages*...oh. OH...

....Hmmm, not exactly the kind of news I was hoping for, to be honest. I just hope we still get new updates for the main game, too o3o But I have to admit the whole premise is somewhat intriguing; like VR already simulates sights and sound, so it's quite curious how well scent and tactile stimulation will be implemented...Imagine:

Sitting inside the arcade cabinet, finding the seating to much too cramped for your liking. The attendant assures you it'll be find as she helps you adjust your VR headset. Once settled, she steps back and bows her head. "Please enjoy your time" she smiles as she closes the hatch of the machine. You sit in darkness for a few moments but nervousness slowly creeps in. You move your head back in forth wondering if this was a good idea and lightly tap your finger against the leather armchair. "Maybe, I should just get out..." you start wondering until you hear the humming of the arcade come to life. It seems there's no turning back now as you orient your body forward and await the start of the simulation.

Suddenly, a bright light engulfs your vision casting aside the previous darkness. Your eyes strain to acclimate to the brightness but you begin hearing something. Waves. Crashing waves in the distance. Louder and louder, you hear it all around you. Eventually, you adjust your eyes and see that you are standing in front of a massive ocean. A slightly saltiness tickles your nose as you feel the sea breeze brush against your arm. You let a short giggle and look down to see a pair of feet standing on the sandy beach as the waves gently wash against it. For an instant, you mistaken the feet as your own before realizing it was just a virtual representation. Bemused, you try to see what else you could experience. You shift your left leg on the seat and to your surprise, your virtual doppleganger moves as well. Left, right, left, right, left right. Just like a child learning to walk, you slowly learn how to operate your "self" as you travel down the beach. Scanning your eyes around you see palm trees, small wooden villas, a few yacht docked by shore and an endless blue sea. Faintly you hear something else outside of the waves and the chirping birds, slowly getting loader and loader. You turn at your heels to see a figure approaching you.

"Owner-san!" the voice called as they came into view. It was a beautiful red-headed girl clad in a cute pink, polka-dotted, two-piece holding what looked liked a small pink parcel in her hands. You easily recognize the girl. "Kasumi...!" you end up she smiles to your response. "There you are! I was looking for you...would you like to share this with me?" she shyly asks as her eyes meet yours. Slightly dumbstruck, you can only shake your head up and down. "Really!? Then let's sit over there!" she giggles as she grabs your hand. A sudden jolt surges between your hands; was it the machine or perhaps your own mind playing tricks on you wondered briefly. Instinctively, you began moving your legs to match her pace.

You could hear the sand crunching between your toes as you walked with Kasumi. Her bright, shoulder-length hair blowing in the breeze. Your eyes catch a lone bead of sweat just against her neck, slowly trailing down her back. You follow it before being fixated on Kasumi's rather shapely bottom that wiggled slightly with each step. "Is something wrong?" Kasumi asks coyly. Your eyes dart nervously to hers as you shake your head in embarrassment. Not before long, you find your self seated next to Kasumi with a delicious strawberry shortcake in front of you. The smell of fresh strawberries fill your nostrils. "Could I have the first bite?" she asks nervously...

And I'm outta space! ...I'll be good now ;P
"...but forgetting her is not a gauge of my strength. A man's true strength is determined by his capacity to love." -Richard Hartford, Daimos

User Info: RollingCradle

7 months ago#15
Sounds good!

But red headed made me think it was Rio at first!

You put strawberries in there, nice work.

I still would of gave her some pizza instead though.

User Info: Hot955

7 months ago#16
Great_Pudding_3 posted...
Just release VR in the West you a******s!

They released "VR Sense". That's a smell-o-vision thing to stink up the experience with the girls.

Or did they actually really also release VR (the virtual reality update for the helmet with the screen in it) for the Asian version?!?
AutoGrinder V1.5.1 - EN/JP version. Grind DOAX3 completely automatically!

User Info: GnatB

7 months ago#17
As I understand correctly, It's an arcade cabinet for, well, arcades. Those rooms they had in the 80's and 90's at mini-golf courses and amusement parks or whatever that were filled with these big vertical boxes each of which was capable of only playing a single game as long as you keep feeding it quarters.

(Yeah yeah, I kid. I believe arcades are still relatively popular in Japan, and haven't entirely disappeared from the U.S. Though now, afaik, they are limited to a handful of chains.)

User Info: Asbel__Lhant

7 months ago#18
I weep for this series. I like these volleyball games, but 'sense' has pushed it far, far beyond the realm of creepy. And this seems to indicate to me that they have no intention of doing anymore actual fighting games. Of course I have no proof of that, but given their sole focus on whoring out their girls to perverts now, I'm not feeling encouraged.
Insert something clever here. I don't really care.

User Info: masakiumai

7 months ago#19
This Sense thing is effing weird. I like the VR, but that's too much.

User Info: wei-pai

7 months ago#20
Well I like tuna sandwiches so I am good to go.
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