Caviar in vol 3

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User Info: Maelora

10 months ago#1
Damn, but putting that ugly mesh over such a great bikini feels like scrawling a mustache on the Venus deMilo.

But I'm sure I've seen versions of this one without the mesh, like this one:

Is that just a mod, or another version of this outfit in a later volume?

Can any of the regulars advise please?



User Info: g0dofwar7

10 months ago#2
That's the eel suit

User Info: Ad-vice

10 months ago#3
@Maelora In that pic Helena is wearing one of the Pistachio suits from Vol. 14.

User Info: Maelora

10 months ago#4
Got it - thanks as always, Ad-vice.

I knew it wasn't the Eel :)

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