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  3. Anybody else rarely bother with 2nd Run?

User Info: KINGR1P

7 months ago#1
Beat all 4 scenarios on release on Hardcore without infinite weapons. Nowadays, i pretty much use the infinite assault rifle for fun. The Gatling gun is too powerful and the rocket launcher was fun for a playthrough or two but i never use it anymore.

Recently went through 2nd Run with no infinite weapons on Hardcore and as usual i get hit by at least one of the zombies at the beginning. The rest of the game i noticed some of the enemy placements were annoying like the Licker that doesnt despawn in the hallway you need to board up windows. The Tyrant didnt bother me much since i remembered that he comes earlier if you get the battery from the STARS office.

Unlike the original the differences between the first run is miniscule. I usually just do the first run with Claire and Leon and call it a day. In the original i make it a point to beat both A and B scenarios and we all know the reasons why.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Still a spectacular game and im not trying to s*** on it by any means.
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User Info: BlackNine34435

7 months ago#2
Personally I consider a full playthrough to be "A and B" scenarios in this game. But from a storyline perspective it's interesting to just play Leon and Claire back to back in the same scenario each instead of bothering with the "continuity" presented.

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

7 months ago#3
I like 2nd Run for the remix, and it feels a bit shorter if I don't want to spend as much time, but I wish it was remixed more or something since they didn't do the B scenarios like you mention.
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User Info: EndlessCemetary

7 months ago#4
I like that the B scenarios are tougher and that you get the magnum/MQ earlier, but I generally prefer to play the A routes

User Info: Jordan_AS

7 months ago#5
I usually run it with Claire because being locked out of the breakroom area in scenario A bothers me way too much.
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

7 months ago#6
Whenever I go back and play this game I always do Claire 1st run and Leon 2nd run back to back.
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User Info: KANE_79

7 months ago#7
I don't play 2nd Run as often, but it's more than just rarely.

User Info: sirliftalot87

7 months ago#8
I only play second run

User Info: egpNoodlez

7 months ago#9
When I was playing, I played all runs equally. Generally 1st Runs I don't pick up magnum/smg, so it's nice to have them for 2nd Run since they areway quicker to get there.

User Info: Ryan86

7 months ago#10
It frustrates me how few differences there are between 1st and 2nd stories. 2nd just feels empty without Marvin, the same bosses breaks the feeling of continuity that there should be the reason of a 2nd story, too.

Iunno, it just bugs me. Being forced into alternative handguns doesn't help (Leon looks awkward, and Claire may be cool but both also lose their handguns upgrades, and it's usually not worth making ammo from gunpowder).

But, things are easier/faster. And early SMG/MG.

.... It's just weird.
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  3. Anybody else rarely bother with 2nd Run?
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