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  3. Should i play RE1 HD before RE2 remake?

User Info: BloodyBonesBR

4 months ago#1
I'm not an old school RE fan. The only one i've finished was RE4.

Now i bought the RE Reccoon city edition, which comes with RE2 and RE3 remake.

RE1 HD is also very cheap right now. I'm not really into old games, and i don't have all the time in the world, but it kinda looks alright from what i've seen...is it worth playing it? Would you recommend it?
(edited 4 months ago)
If you aren't into the old games, then don't play it.

REmake plays like the old games.
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User Info: KANE_79

4 months ago#3
It sounds like you should just skip it. I also suggest you consider playing RE3 first because you'll probably enjoy it more when you're not comparing it to RE2, which I think is a much better game.
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User Info: Trespasser2003

4 months ago#4
It’s the absolute best of the original style games and the graphics hold up pretty well, but it’s unforgiving and difficult, especially for newer folks, EXCEPT the revamped controls break the game and make it ridiculously easy to juke.
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User Info: hindd92

4 months ago#5
The gameplay is completely different, but the game is great. I myself never had a single problem with 3D controls (the correct term for the so called "tank controls"), many other games use that (Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Dino Crisis). Actually, considering the character controls, RE4 and 5 use 3D controls too: pointing the analog stick up makes the character go forward, back walks backwards and tilting it to the sides turns the character. The difference is the camera; while RE4 has the over-the-shoulder perspective, the previous games had a fixed camera (even Code Veronica, but that had 3D environments, instead of pre-rendered ones).

Fixed camera angles work better for horror games, in my opinion, because you can create dramatic sequences as intended, or suddenly shift to show something scary. Dynamic angles or shoulder view limit the possibilities and also boils down the scare factor to only what's in front of you. In Fatal Frame, for example, there are many instances when a ghost appears somewhere, the controller vibrates violently, there's a heartbeat sound effect and the camera shifts to show the ghost; maybe it's coming towards you, maybe he's just passing by. You can't miss or ruin the event by moving the camera because you are either searching for items on the ground or something else. For example, I let my wife play RE2 remake, and she missed the crashing helicopter's light shining through the window, because she was looking around.

Sorry for the long text lol, but I always like to recommend good games regardless of how old the game is. There are so many great games in history and just a handful will ever be remade. Even after buying RE2 Remake, I'll never replace the original; somethings are still better in the original, not just gameplay.
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User Info: rancid_custard

4 months ago#6
The original is definitely one of the most influential games ever, but influential doesn't always mean great to a newer gamer
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  3. Should i play RE1 HD before RE2 remake?
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