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User Info: inlineshadow

2 days ago#1
"Let's rock, baby!"
- Dante

User Info: Homicidal_Seph

2 days ago#2
Wtf is up with Nemesis and Carlos... Looks terrible
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User Info: BIack_Dynamite

2 days ago#3
I like Jill’s look. Carlos looks more like how Chris should’ve looked in 7 (minus the hair).
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User Info: Kambel79

2 days ago#4
Hell no. Some fanart, and a bad one too.
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User Info: CLupula

2 days ago#5
Kambel79 posted...
Hell no. Some fanart, and a bad one too.

A website that tracks art that gets put on the Playstation Store leaked it.

User Info: Setsunahenry

2 days ago#6
Wynona Ryder!?
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User Info: BIack_Dynamite

2 days ago#7
Setsunahenry posted...
Wynona Ryder!?

Natalie Portman more like

User Info: Gameonz

2 days ago#8
If this is fanart, it's pretty good imo. With that being said though, if they announce RE3 soon I'm gonna be stoked for it. RE2 Remake was great & the original RE3 was probably my favorite Resident Evil that used the static camera.
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User Info: xEnraiyax

2 days ago#9
REmake Julia Voth Jill is still the best I see. *Sigh* Why couldn't they just hire Julia Voth? Capcom why!? Is it because she's too attractive and modern day Capcom wants to keep the main playable heroines of each new RE entry moving forward from being too "off putting" to the present day feminists and body positivity female empowerment types? Jill's jawline is stronger than Carlos' in that picture. lmao! What is up with Capcom and their character designs in most of their triple-A budget games nowadays? It's like they all decided that everything must be as underdesigned, uninspired and as generically bland looking as possible! Claire wore a simple tank-top with an undershirt and plain jeans, now Jill does as well! You guys don't think they took the whole "tank-top and jeans" look from the Tomb Raider reboots do ye? Man I tell ye, you'd swear it was the same character designer that's working with Capcom part-time or something!
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

2 days ago#10
Jill it gotdamn beautiful as she should be.

Carlos' hair is f***ed up. He also looked f***ed up in Umbrella Chronicles. It seems he is no longer the foxy PS1 Carlos all the ladies want.

LOL why does Nemesis have "caution" stickers all over him? That's hilarious! I kinda like it though. Umbrella was like, "caution, watch out for this guy, caution." His face though...it's...gonna take me a bit to get used to this.
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