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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

5 days ago#11
Revelations 1 because Jill is my will and I don't care for Claire.
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User Info: Plant42

5 days ago#12
Darkside_Hazuki posted...
They're both equally trash and are the lowest forms of plot, writing, and character design in the entire franchise.

The only things consistently praised in the Rev series are Raid Mode, the main menu themes, Raid Mode, "mayday", Raid Mode, and some dumb quotes that give Resident Evil 1 a run for its money (however Rev doesn't have the mid-90s production stigma as an excuse to sound as bad as it did). Oh, and Raid Mode, because as much as people crap on RE6 for being "too much action, not enough horror" they absolutely love a mode based solely on constantly pumping bullets into waves of enemies using heavy weaponry and doing it over and over for 1000 hours until they get better weapons.

That pretty much sums up everything salvageable in this unneeded, episodic, resource-recycling filth. We may have been playing Resident Evil 8 or REmake 3 today had Capcom not wasted a few years on these.

Between this dude and Lightninggale we have the two most miserable hate filled people on the entire site.
@Hero3ziz posted...
I played Rev 1 on 3DS and thought it was good. I actually never bothered with Rev 2 because I hated Capcom and all of its games at the time. Might still get it on a sale or something.

So my opinion doesn't matter since I didn't even play the second game.

Fixed that for you.

User Info: Fiz57

5 days ago#14
In term of storyline and raid stage, I would choose Rev 1 but I prefer rev2.

Main reason is for the offline split-screen, reward skill which can be converted to raid money and raid mode being able to split-screen. I spend time on Rev2 for Raid mode since they have skill ability passive and button assigned along with easier scoring system where Rev1, I tend to get hit due to not much in timing expert and in rev 2, weapon part upgrade made it easier to farm weapon part.
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User Info: Perthboy

5 days ago#15
Voted for REV2 mainly due to the much better game play, interesting story and multiple endings.

REV1 had really annoying parts that really bring it down for me. Horde mode against the invisible enemies as Jackass and Dips***, swimming sections, boring slugs on the beach and the terrible mirror ball last boss. That said the Mayday boss is imo the creepiest thing in all of RE.
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User Info: KANE_79

5 days ago#16
The campaigns are roughly on par with each other, but I prefer the bite-sized Raid Mode levels in Rev2.
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User Info: XxBHunterxX

5 days ago#17
Syn_Vengeance posted...
As for the question at hand, I prefer the Raid mode in Revelations 1 but the campaign in Revelations 2.

User Info: ManuMIAS

4 days ago#18
Can't chose one, they are equally mediocre at best with lot of missed potential.

Revelations filler chapters to make a full game was a let down and the lack of proper co-op in the story.

Revelations 2 lack of budget didn't let us have a longer story for Claire, she was the star selling point but her story wasn't even relevant. Raid Mode was an improvement but some mechanics like pressing too much x for crafting weapons and perks hurt my fingers too much.

Both Jill and Claire faces were very bad scan, lets not forget that.
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User Info: Bobsy84

4 days ago#19
2 for big Barry Burtons bad ass moments. Easily my favourite RE character.
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User Info: Superlinkbro

4 days ago#20
Played both.

Revelations 1 had a good single player and an ok raid mode.

Revelations 2 single player bored me, plus in some instances you had to pay for it individually, but the raid mode was really good.

Gonna give it to Revelations 1.
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