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User Info: superzombie

1 month ago#1
I dunno if this will work yet... i played Claire A and got all the raccoons available for her... then i played Leon B just for 2 minutes to get the mr. Raccoon in the police station side enterance... little save icon appeared... then i go to new game and play Leon A... ive got 3 mr. Racoons left to shoot (one in police station and 2 in the sewers)... so im hoping that the LeonB racoon still counts after i get the other 3 and BAM! Combat knife ready to go once i play both B scenarios!

User Info: mega-atom-iltis

1 month ago#2
Yes, this will work. Once you destroy a Mr Raccoon, it is saved as you noticed. No need to do it again in other campaigns
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User Info: OverlordDeath

1 month ago#3
It saves to a different slot than your game saves. Same applies to the infinite guns if you unlock 'em: they'll be available in the item box across all your saves, even ones made before you unlocked them.

User Info: KANE_79

1 month ago#4
Yeah, those save to system data, not the data for your current run.
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