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User Info: codered1245

4 weeks ago#1
I feel like they should have put him in the game more and made him more of a threat. Made him overall faster. Have him burst through more walls. Have him pull you through the floor. Have him chase you in the sewers. Just overall increased his presence in the game.

User Info: unknown_VS

4 weeks ago#2
Not faster... But yeap, everything else you said - especially sewers and labs are so empty... A little bit of diversion wouldn't have hurt.

But then again, low budget game = can't expect too much

They should just do some *paid* expansions tbh

Real hardcore mode

More X presence

More lickers

Ada Campaign

Wesker special showdown in the office

Random mode

Invisible mode

All weapons for both characters unlocked

The options are basically endless...

User Info: Kalderus

4 weeks ago#3
Or how about Umbrella counter-op mode (AKA - "troll mode"). Join a random player's campaign as a zombie, monster, or even a USS operative trying to kill them and end their game, similar to Agent Hunt in RE6.

Collect points for every successful counter-op, bonus for no-save streamers/speed runners.
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User Info: codered1245

4 weeks ago#4
It would be cool if Mr. X could grab a zombie by the head/arm and throw em at you. I do like the troll mode.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: M4SK2F4CE

4 weeks ago#5
Did you miss the big cry babies on internet for the first month of release whinning about Mr. X

Capcome gave hik the right amount of challenge

Leave the extra hard challenge for NEM
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User Info: DeltaProj

4 weeks ago#6
Really? I think his presence was perfect. He chases you around for a decent portion of the game (your first time through, before you know everything to expect), but not long enough to be annoying. The game switches it up in the 2nd scenario, making him more of a threat, which works, since you now know the station layout better than your first time through. The sewers and labs aren't really designed for that kind of encounter, and I think him chasing you through those sections would have felt awkward more than anything else. :/

User Info: finalfantasy94

4 weeks ago#7
He was used just right for the remake. If they went any harder he would be a complete nemesis clone.
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User Info: MrMexican95

4 weeks ago#8
Yeah he's not nemesis. I think they used him just right. And in leons campaign he does also appear when playing as Ada and in the lab twice before his boss fight.
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User Info: Duffy12323

4 weeks ago#9
For me way too annoying and repetitive. If capcom is making that the entire next game I'll pass on that hide and seek bs..

User Info: alex72886

4 weeks ago#10
Ppol. Lol. No challenge, 'oh game is soo boring'. Yes challenge, 'so annoying, god, i cant take it, ill bash at gamefaqs etc'... Just LOL
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