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User Info: alex72886

1 month ago#21
unknown_VS posted...
Well, I think I'll go with t-103 then.

That kinda fits in the whole Nier Universe ("Mr X" doesn't)

It's kinda interesting, on the other hand it's a really boring character, he looks so sad, I want to help him! (which I don't think is what the makers intended, he's supposed to be "scary" lol...)

Kind of reminds me of Lisa, but she was really cool though! (for the circumstances)

Btw, here she is watching over her good old friend (he's ok, don't worry, just momentarily tired from all the "workout")



Damn pc modders, they can literally put any model in the game and that's awesooome!
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User Info: mert20004

1 month ago#22
It's a sergei clone yes; its codename is t-00.

Btw mr. x isnt its canon name.

Copy pasting from re wiki:

" Over the years T-00 has been given nicknames. The earliest nickname in official media was "Mr. X", which was chosen by Toy Biz for their 'Series 2' action figure (released May 1998) in lieu of a name provided by Capcom. The Pocket Books novel, Resident Evil: City of the Dead (released May 1999), has Claire Redfield pick "Mr. X" as a nickname from a list also including "Frankenstein's monster"; "Terminator" and "Dr. Evil".[5] The same nickname was used in Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine #4 (published December 1998), wherein "Mr. X" was the actual name of the series, with duplicates of the original game's T-002 being "Tyrants". Capcom, however, did not acknowledge this nickname, and in the 2010 game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, T-00 is instead nicknamed "Coated Bastard" (コート野郎), or "Trenchy" in the English dub. "

User Info: edward18

1 month ago#23
Well nothing has been said about it being one of Sergei's clones. It could have just been a T-103 that'd been developed on Sheena Island.
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User Info: ZBug_

1 month ago#24
Joe Fixit
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User Info: MrWayne

1 month ago#25
Nome of the Tyrants are actual Sergei clones. William Birkin used the clones to create a new variant of the t-Virus that was more compatible for humans to become Tyrants, thus getting rid of the 1 host per every 10 million problem.

User Info: Wbis

1 month ago#26
Mr DMX, the DM is silent.

User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
1 month ago#27
ZBug_ posted...
Joe Fixit

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