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User Info: EmoBanger69

2 months ago#11
Well luckily there's nothing wrong with being icorrect. That why we have google, god bless the internet.

At the end of the day the Mr. X isn't just a fan name and anyone can have w/e opinions they want on the matter, because we live in a wonderful world like that.

User Info: r25

2 months ago#12

User Info: The Chow

The Chow
2 months ago#13
unknown_VS posted...
Ah ok, so T-103 Tyrant would be closest to his "name".

Hmm, I see, I might just call him Ivan or Sergei then, although in the end "X" probably works also.

I wouldn't call RE2's Tyrant "Ivan", since they're specifically the ones in Umbrella Chronicles. And they look absolutely stupid with their multicolored wraparound sunglasses from the '80s.

r25 posted...

In case anybody's wondering, r25 is low-key referring to the character in a classic Sega franchise:
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User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
2 months ago#14
Charles Francis Xavier
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User Info: Recycled

2 months ago#15
Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Corneliu Leopold Blanca Karol Aeon Ignatius Raphael Maria Niketas A. Shilage

User Info: JamesBR27

2 months ago#16
Mr. Xtreme
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User Info: unknown_VS

2 months ago#17
Well, I think I'll go with t-103 then.

That kinda fits in the whole Nier Universe ("Mr X" doesn't)

It's kinda interesting, on the other hand it's a really boring character, he looks so sad, I want to help him! (which I don't think is what the makers intended, he's supposed to be "scary" lol...)

Kind of reminds me of Lisa, but she was really cool though! (for the circumstances)

Btw, here she is watching over her good old friend (he's ok, don't worry, just momentarily tired from all the "workout")



User Info: MRX92-7

2 months ago#18
No problem. my name is Tim.
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User Info: lilhurk1985187

2 months ago#19
Kid Buu>>>Buuhan confirmed

User Info: edward18

2 months ago#20
Just to give ya some more options TC, it was also held in a container labeled T-00 in the original (since that was its serial number. The other 5 of the T-0 series that were on its helicopter it was deployed from were sent to combat the military at The Dead Factory in 3).

And in the Japanese version of The Darkside Chronicles it was apparently referred to as Coated Bastard and in the English version they call it Trenchy.
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