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  3. Capcom failed miserably not adding in zombie kids in the orphanage
(message deleted)

User Info: BeefEaster

4 weeks ago#32
I dunno why anyone's even bothering to reply to this AdmirableScone user

it's an obvious troll account

just ignore and eventually it'll lose interest

on topic, I think capcom didn't include kid zombies because they were already skating the line pretty close to having the game be banned or receiving a harsher rating in some countries due to gore

just because the game has an M rating doesn't mean anything goes
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

4 weeks ago#33
The orphanage had no business being a thing in the first place. Just useless padding and dumb shock horror at the idea of kids being experimented on. There was zero reason for them to an orphanage setting when it had no bearing on the actual game. For all it's worth, Irons could have brought Sherry to a warehouse and accomplished the same thing.

They even reused one of the dead kids from RE7's files in this one lol. Seriously, this game is full of poor writing and plot padding all around. Luckily the gameplay is good and I can skip all the trashy cutscenes.
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User Info: Zantetsuken_14

4 weeks ago#34
You fail miserably for making this topic.
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User Info: ienzo105

4 weeks ago#35
Zantetsuken_14 posted...
You fail miserably for making this topic.

(message deleted)

User Info: Nemesis895

4 weeks ago#37
Capcom Seems to dislike having kids in it's zombie games, Can't we just accept this? Out of all the canon RE Titles only 2, Rev 2 and 7 have a Kid in them, RE4 skirts the issue with Ashley but she's Minor at best. And Resident evil Still has more Kids in it than the Dead Rising series which has had 4 games up to this point,

User Info: edward18

4 weeks ago#38
Well, there was going to be at least one Kid Zombie model used in Outbreak.
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User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
4 weeks ago#39
Fallout used to let you kill kids in older games, but starting with 3 and the "consolification" of the series, you can't even kill the s***s in Little Lamplight no matter how much they deserve it.
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User Info: EmoBanger69

4 weeks ago#40
The sheer amount of misinformation about RE is hilarious considering how right both sides think they are... lol.
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