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  3. So after Claire Redfield, Capcom will ruin how I remember Jill in RE3?

User Info: JamesBR27

4 weeks ago#21
Just wait and see, no use speculating.
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User Info: RebornKusabi

4 weeks ago#22
MrMexican95 posted...
Fire_Emblem_ posted...
VegantoKeens posted...
Pigs will probably fly today if I have to agree with Edward...Technology or not, you can see a certain red lining or pattern for Claire's designs in the first three, then all of a sudden she is this almost latina woman with a spine chilling mutant smile. It is like they used the same "stunning realism overcompensation" facial expression tech as Bioware in Anthem.

Lol bulls*** all the Claires look different especially Darkside Chronicles Claire.. She a lot different and way better than Re2 original Claire and Degeneration Claire.

All the darkside chronicles characters look plastic. Like they all have had plastic surgery. Even sherry.

Not just that, but having watched YoVideogames play it, everyone ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN all have these giraffe proportions. Claire full-body looks like Slender Man!
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User Info: Slayersfan

4 weeks ago#23
I don't know why people are giving you a hard time OP, you have a point and I thought the same thing myself (so I guess we are in the minority). Chun Li and the other characters in Marvel vs Capcom 4 looked absolutely atrioucous, to the point where they had to re-do some of the facework. That and sorry, but the first time I saw the new Claire in RE2:Remake she looks butt ugly. And I see people defending it saying "well that's how real women look! Don't be a perv!". Really? I didn't realize I'm playing this game for the realism and politics, I thought it was suppose to be for fun and pleasing to the eye.

Same with Mortal Kombat 11, I thought it was hilarious people are even trying to stand up for the toned down sexy clothes, etc, saying it's sexist, when those same people weren't even born and saw the boom of Mortal Kombat in the 90s, where you know, part of the popularity came from the sexy guys and girls in it?
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User Info: jstoru216

4 weeks ago#24
lol, remake claire is gorgeus

User Info: AdmirableScone

4 weeks ago#25
sparticusjoe posted...
And the award for the most out of place political burn-esque thing of the day goes to... AdmirableScone! Take a bow, my friend, for having the president live in your head rent free to the point that you said that in response to somebody saying something silly.

Bawww trumpies getting triggered. Wittle snowflake.

User Info: FoxyAreku

4 weeks ago#26
edward18 posted...
@Xeed-HP They're not comparing the technology, they're comparing the designs.

Except they're the same designs.
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User Info: edward18

4 weeks ago#27
...are you blind?
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User Info: DarSi

4 weeks ago#28
What are you talking about. Ugly Jill already happened. She looked like a monkey in Revelations.
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User Info: Suspiria

4 weeks ago#29
MrMexican95 posted...
The degeneration Claire looks the worst out of all those screens

No, she doesn't. Quit smoking crack.

User Info: SLUM_KING

4 weeks ago#30
I don't give a f*** how they look as long as the gameplay is good that's all it matters real talk.
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