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  3. How about a Dino Crisis remake?

User Info: McLahey

2 months ago#41
unknown_VS posted...
McLahey posted...
bondage pandering

This is DC2 we're talking about? Asking for a friend...

Yeah, with some non-con vibes thrown in for good measure.
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User Info: FNFred

2 months ago#42
I would buy the Dino Crisis 1 Remake at a high price!

User Info: lilhurk1985187

2 months ago#43
Only if it is done exactly like Remake1.
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

2 months ago#44
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User Info: Alxyjuno

2 months ago#45
samantha_sneez posted...
Doom_Infinite posted...
Yes please. I would love a remake of both 1 and 2.



JetJenkins posted...
f*** yeah. That would be swell. Wouldn't mind D2 having a co-op you can turn on or off for playing as Dylan. D1 and D2 remakes. The minigame could be co-op too. f*** 3, and that survivor game.

...but some things will remain distant dreams forever.

User Info: iwasapoetonce

1 month ago#46
Would love a remake. But is Capcom listening?
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User Info: unknown_VS

1 month ago#47
Seriously I want remake of this with better graphics, maybe some surprises and extended parts, but they should absolutely stick to the original control scheme and camera it's a big part why that game was so much fun. I just wish Capcom would stop being cowards...
The Uncharted 3D over the shoulder camera style is getting old, especially for shooters, in the older games it was more like an arcade experience, I also really miss the frame perfect headshot mechanic from RE1, that was so fun and oddly satisfying...

User Info: SeriouslySeriou

1 month ago#48
I’ve heard rumblings that a remake of Dino Crisis might be shown @E32019
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