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User Info: Tofusion

2 months ago#1
Now that we know what the devs are capable of, what would you like to see them do with the next remake if it comes to fruition?

User Info: RoyalsDK

2 months ago#2
Capcom being able to HD the old “STARS!!!” voice or finding someone capable of coming really close or even more menacing.
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User Info: Impatiently

2 months ago#3
Carlos should be a playable character and they should mirror it to RE2 with Leon/Claire. He should also unlock a topless outfit within the first minute of the game that is immediately equipped.

I don't see the need for Nemesis to talk either, iconic as it is. The S.T.A.R.S growl is scary at first but soon becomes annoying - they can create the same effect with music and ambience. But the map color change was a great move. It's so easy to miss items in RE3 and never know where they are or what you even missed. I like that that in RE2 remake the map lets you know that you haven't finished a room. Some might call it a handicap but being completely lost is only fun for so long.

Would also be nice if they made it longer. Remake doesn't have to mean the exact same thing but better. The game is short and they could create new areas and situations to stretch it out more.

User Info: Draug

2 months ago#4
They should keep the appearance of Nemesis like it was in the original, which made him more of a threat than annoyance!

More of the city, more locations, giving the player a view of all the mayhem and havoc the destruction of the city caused!

Keep the same camera angles like they did in the original remake!

And as a bonus: Nemesis breakdancing in a parking garage... In the nude...
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

2 months ago#5
What was the point of Nemesis announcing himself every time he saw a S.T.A.R.S. member, anyway? Sure, it was scary when you heard that voice out of nowhere, along with the crash of a door or gate...but I don't see why Umbrella even programmed him to say that. He may as well say "IM COMING TO GET YOU, RUN AWAY"
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User Info: superyoodle

2 months ago#6
I just hope we can get the original growl back.

That new robot voice is s***.

Gameplay has to be improved, because nemesis will be able to run, and he will be able to gain on you. Needs to be something like a dodge feature, or way to control the camera extremely well to immediately be able to see where he is.
Maybe like a lock on nemesis button?

It's gonna be hard to get this right.
I feel like this won't really be possible without qte's and it seems a lot of people hate them.

A lot of streets and buildings in 3, so maybe the option to jump through a window to hide, or under a car. Kinds like clock tower. But of course also the option to battle. His battle AI needs to be improved though haha, no more running past his right arm.

Carol's's segment can be expanded a bit. Maybe have an option of trading equipment when meeting on occasion. Live selections definitely need to stay and I saw someone say in another thread, maybe have more choices, and some that can kill you or others.

Lots to be wanted, but nemesis should be perfect. He is the main point.
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User Info: Scryed

2 months ago#7
No rng. Hate seeing youtubers cap a zombie in 2-3 shots an i take 15.

User Info: edward18

2 months ago#8
For the characters and designs to look right.
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User Info: gba1989

2 months ago#9
I'm just a simple man.

Jill Valentine in a tube top and a mini-skirt just like the original. But now in HD....
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User Info: Suspiria

2 months ago#10
Nothing. Leave RE3 the f*** alone.
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