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  3. Would you like to see Mr X do more unique moves?

User Info: unknown_VS

1 month ago#11
LOOOPS posted...
wait outside the saferoom door and roundhouse kick you back

He already did that (minus the roundhouse kick obviously)

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

1 month ago#12
I'm playing the original now. Somethings that are missing from the remake that I would like to see.

His double fist pound attack.
Mr. X climbing the balcony to the 3rd floor.

Just in general but a few more Kool Aid man moments would be nice. He could bust through the private collection room after getting the key card. Bust through the records room after picking up the jack handle. Maybe a few other locations and have it random so you never know which wall he'll bust through.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

1 month ago#13
It would be cool if there were some places where he would bust an arm through the wall and grab you. It would also be cool if you could distract him by tapping on a door and quickly leaving, or if you could make decoy explosives with gun powders.

Jumping down from the west stair case would also be awesome.
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User Info: r25

1 month ago#14
Jupiters posted...
I miss one of the original moves, the double axe punch.

It does this move

User Info: Xeed-HP

1 month ago#15
I want him to ‘balet walkk and twirls as he approach you. Perhaps does a jump and split kick or a helicopter spin punch.

You know regular balet routine just done by a bulky muscular mass.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

1 month ago#16
He jumped off a balcony and landed on me which did decent damage.
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