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User Info: Foxhound3857

1 month ago#1
Use your imagination. Go nuts.

Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires: No Flamethrower/Flame Grenades

Vegetarian: No healing with sprays, herbs only, Hardcore

Go the Distance: Finish the game without saving, Hardcore

Man and Knife: Kill at least 30 enemies with Combat Knives (no infinite knife)

Where do you fit all this stuff?: Finish the game without grabbing any Hip Pouches

I forgot my Reloading Tool: Finish the game without mixing any Gunpowders, Hardcore
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User Info: SlabAcid

1 month ago#2
RNG Hates You:Take damage more than 15 times
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User Info: clanmccracken

1 month ago#3
No running: Finish the game without running once
Mint Condition Collectables: Find all the weapon upgrades, but don't use any of them

User Info: OverlordDeath

1 month ago#4
Boom Headshot!: Finish the game while only shooting enemies in the head(excluding Ivies? and probably bosses).

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

1 month ago#5
Clear the game without firing a single bullet or using a grenade (exceptions for aligator and the rocket launcher for super tyrant) infinite combat knife allowed, standard difficulty allowed.

Kill every licker, Ivy and G-Adult but no killing zombies allowed. Hardcore only

4th Survivor - get 139 kills

4th Survivor - down Mr. X 50 times.
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User Info: Aceviper

1 month ago#6
Exclusive weapons

Every weapon is only allowed to be used on 1 type of enemy *excluding bosses* and you lock the enemy type in when you first damage an enemy with that weapon

So for example, you hit a zombie with the matilda, you can't use the matilda on any other enemy type and you can't use any other weapons on zombies from then on. Subweapons count for this too so you can only use it on one enemy type and can't use any defensive actions on anything other than what you registered as that particular subweapon's enemy type.

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 month ago#7
No using your hands.


Using your feet.

Using your tongue.

While spinning around in circles

User Info: lowlifeboy

1 month ago#8
can only have one weapon and sub-weapon in inventory at all times

User Info: TCrinaleT

1 month ago#9
Clear the game under 2:30, no use of healing items allowed, only handgun and knifes allowed (no infinite knife), no saves, hardcore mode.

Have fun.

User Info: unknown_VS

1 month ago#10
lightweight Let G4 drop onto you every time he jumps from the train or the wall
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