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User Info: ice-man

1 month ago#31
i immensely enjoyed re5 than re3 tbh.

User Info: Scryed

1 month ago#32
Sega9599 posted...
Scryed posted...
This is thread for purist to ride each other, nothing more.

Of course it is.

Vocally, people here hate Resi 4-6.

Personally, I think Resident Evil 5 is a better game than RE3. The atmosphere is great in RE5, but I will admit that the files and horror atmosphere of 3, in terms of story at least, does more for me.

RE3 has a pretty dumb final boss, but 5 just has a ridiculous one.

RE 5.....probably has a better soundtrack than 3.

RE 5 has much better gameplay. If RE 3 had the mechanics and graphics of RE 5 then.....

I give this battle to.....eh a draw. Possibly 5 gets the edge for gameplay and co-op, and antagonists, Irving, Masked Woman and Wesker on one side, all RE3 has is nemesis which is good, but he's really the only main bad guy in the game

yep re5 was great just not really horror tho i dont really consider any of the re games scary. Then again after playing silent hill re seems like childs play.

User Info: Lexmark1989

1 month ago#33
I like them both, funny story is I played resident evil 5 with a boyfriend and girlfriend lol. So its something of a special game to me. RE6 just shouldn't exist!!
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User Info: Fire_Emblem_

1 month ago#34
Damn re3 is killing it lol
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User Info: Scryed

1 month ago#35
Fire_Emblem_ posted...
Damn re3 is killing it lol

i would on this site
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