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  3. Is RE 2 hard to platinum ?

User Info: zombie_basher13

1 month ago#11
elrond11 posted...
pmort posted...
One of the easier platinums. Hardest ones are beating the game on Hardcore with both characters and 4th Survivor/Hunk mode, and those aren’t too rough if you’re a casual player.

What about no healing or less than 14.000 steps ?

I did a no healing, no grenade launcher, and no item box all on Claire's second run, and it's not that bad. No healing is a bit tough, you really can't get hit by any normal monsters including Mr X and must save your hits for the harder bosses. Without assisted, anyway. If you wanna be a masochist, like I was.
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User Info: sirliftalot87

1 month ago#12
I got the 14k steps on hardcore wasn't even trying for it

User Info: doowop

1 month ago#13
easy platinum. hardcore is easy when you get the hang of it...
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User Info: optimusmart

1 month ago#14
Zantetsuken_14 posted...
optimusmart posted...
Easy to plat if u use this

Dunno why you'd want to do this though. Not much left to do in the game after you get platinum. This game is meant to be enjoyed like a fine wine.

Plenty to do, platinum is not the end my friend, ur imagination is the end!

The player can do whatever the hell they like, this only shows the path to take, its the player who has to walk it
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User Info: KANE_79

1 month ago#15
It's a fairly easy platinum, the only difficult trophy is for finishing The 4th Survivor. Stuff like no healing / no item box are easy enough if you play on Assisted and are actually a lot of fun to do.

Zantetsuken_14 posted...
Not much left to do in the game after you get platinum.

Totally disagree. I've played through it just as many times since I got the platinum as I did before that.
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User Info: BlueSnow

1 month ago#16
Nah, pretty easy. Probably the easiest RE to plat (or 100% in RE4's case).
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