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  3. Once again, why no naked zombies?

User Info: Megawizard

1 month ago#81
Mr_Party_Pants posted...
A nude Mr X makes sense

That's that one mod that gives him an Umbrella-branded speedo.
Owl-keeping creep

User Info: MeowthRocket

1 month ago#82
We have licker buttholes, isn't that bad enough?
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User Info: MrMexican95

1 month ago#83
MeowthRocket posted...
We have licker buttholes, isn't that bad enough?

And dog genitals

User Info: MMX377

1 month ago#84
^ *blushes in shocking*
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User Info: ienzo105

1 month ago#85
Lexmark1989 posted...

It's surgically removed LMFAO. Loyalists know absolutely NOTHING about the original RE games.

User Info: ienzo105

1 month ago#86
Syn_Vengeance posted...
There was like 8-12 naked zombies in OG RE2, so it’s not really a loss,. Capcom basically cut the enemies that were used the least and were just reused assets from RE1.

1. Giant Spiders.

Seen: 2 in the small area before G1/G mutant and another 4 in the actual sewers.

2. Crows.

Seen: once in the campaign up in the hallway literally known as the “Crow Hallway”for the jump scare. Only other times they are seen is once in 4th Survivor and once in Extreme Battle.

3. Moth.

Seen: Once in that small room you don’t even need to go in. Most useless creature in the game and can be killed before it even leaves the wall. Outbreak did it much better and it was killed in the game, which can explain its absence in REmake 2.

4. Naked zombies.

Seen: In the lab only, total of like 12 of them. No different then regular zombies besides appearance.

5. Green Lickers.

Seen: only in the labs, was about 6-8 of them total. Literally no different then the regular lickers besides color and claws.

A. Spiders were replaced with the G-Adults

B. Green Lickers were replaced by regular lickers.

C. Naked zombies were replaced by more variety of the regular zombies.

D. Crows were replaced by simply adding more dogs to the game.

E. Plus you have the addition of the armored, poison and Pale heads in Ghost Survivors.


User Info: edward18

1 month ago#87
8-12 seems like a bit of a sizeable number to me.
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User Info: TheDawnRider

1 month ago#88
Because beta leftists would somehow find a way to explain about some naked friggin zombies and nobody wants to hear anymore whining of those creatures.
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User Info: SteelDragon2050

1 month ago#90
edward18 posted...
8-12 seems like a bit of a sizeable number to me.

Out of over 100 enemies, about a dozen isn't that big of a chunk. There are mostly other enemies in their place. They said from the beginning that it wasn't going to be the same as the original, complaining about this when there was fair warning is pointless. You and TC, among others, are wasting your time. Some people like the changes, others don't care that much because they were minor things to begin with. Get over it. We're not betas or any of your other stupid B.S. just because we don't agree with you. Suck it up, princess.
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