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User Info: The_Deep_Tyrant

2 years ago#1
It's only been about a month and a half, but it seems Capcom is working on something designed to appeal to those that loved Outbreak.

Sadly, I can't say where I got this information from, it may as well just be a rumor, but according to my source, there is an early alpha build being play tested now. I'll just share what I know, even if it's in fragments, and you all can do what you like with the information.

Title: Resident Evil: Outbreakers - Sounds kind of lazy, but seems to be the working title.

- Will feature a single player and multiplayer mode, more on the multiplayer section near the bottom

- Contains at least one female player character, possibly more, like previous Outbreaks

- Scavenging, possibly randomly generated loot in an open concept map, that focuses on inventory management (surprise) with a small backpack

- Map is open concept, most likely not fully open world, and is a decent chunk of Raccoon City. Alpha build contained sewers, subways, etc.

- Gameplay features puzzles, such as acquiring keys, gems, etc., as well as objectives, loading survivors onto a subway, and then finding gas, or turning on power, for the subway.

- Will feature certain combat mechanics, such as melee escapes and sidestepping/dodging for avoiding enemies

- Enemies so far seem to be zombies and dogs

- Asymmetrical multiplayer feature using a "Mastermind" mechanic

- Four survivors against a player that acts as a "Mastermind"

- Mastermind can see rooms remotely, open/close doors, control cameras, and unleash enemies upon the survivors

- Survivors battle their way through a map, solving puzzles, opening doors, etc, all while the Mastermind throws everything they have at them

- Survivors make use of credits earned during game to purchase ammo, herbs, etc

- Survivors are chosen from a specific preset, with abilities, such as a school nerd, jock, and cheerleader archetypes

- Abilities include things like increased melee power, ability to hack cameras, and possible healing capabilities

- Teamwork is very important, as it requires a concerted effort to overcome the swarms of enemies, and solve the puzzles, or activate doors/switches

- Some rounds end with a mini-boss that must be overcome to continue on

- The Mastermind can also directly control a dog/zombie to wreak concentrated havoc on the survivors

I understand that I'm providing no source or article along with this, I was blown away to hear about something like this being developed. I'm just an excited gamer, usually not privy to this kind of information, looking forward to the next entry for Resident Evil.

User Info: The-DreamKiller

2 years ago#2
The power of having way too much time on your hands SMH.

User Info: unknown_VS

2 years ago#3
Sounds almost too good to be true...

You had me at cheerleader, however!
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User Info: The_Deep_Tyrant

2 years ago#4
I'm not trying to dupe anyone with lies or misinformation. Just sharing some details of a possible upcoming game, on a board with people who might be excited to hear about it.

Think of it this way, with all the work done in RE2R, and the inevitable upcoming RE3R, there must be a lot of concept art and unused assets of Raccoon City. What better way to utilize them than to create a decent size chunk of Raccoon City to play around in?

Also, Capcom's got to be thinking about some sort multiplayer. With the recent success of RE2R, and the popularity of online co-op, Capcom would just be leaving money on the table if they didn't at least try to break into multiplayer.

As for the "cheerleader" part, they are all just possible archetypes. I don't expect some blond in a skimpy skirt to show up in a Resident Evil anytime soon.

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

2 years ago#5
I mean, I’m cool with this if it’s true, which it’s not.

User Info: unknown_VS

2 years ago#6
The_Deep_Tyrant posted...
don't expect some blond in a skimpy skirt to show up in a Resident Evil anytime soon.

Ah, so it's fake...

Or you never played a Resident Evil game in your life
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User Info: SteelDragon2050

2 years ago#7
The_Deep_Tyrant posted...
I don't expect some blond in a skimpy skirt to show up in a Resident Evil anytime soon.

Ashley Graham would like a word.

User Info: PumpkinBelmont

2 years ago#8
I'm gonna guess this is a deet alt. He got sniffed out to fast(instantly) in his last topic so he put on a new face.

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

2 years ago#9

Not gonna believe somebody who just created his account and his only 2 posts are in this thread.
When your name is finally drawn, I'll be happy that you're gone. Ash to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

2 years ago#10
Entirely fake by the way. This came up a long time ago. I have an actual relative that works for Capcom. Doesn't mean I get any info whatsoever on anything. But I asked what projects were being built or thought of and nothing like this was mentioned.
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