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User Info: Evil77

1 week ago#1
If Capcom were to make only one, which DLC would you choose?

I’m torn between story DLC and proper A/B scenario. Ultimately I pick story DLC. I love this game so much I’m craving new content.

What’s your ideal DLC for this game?

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 week ago#2
I want the rumored Rogue mode tbh, I eat roguelike/lite games up.
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User Info: Evil77

1 week ago#3
KarmelCHAOS posted...
I want the rumored Rogue mode tbh, I eat roguelike/lite games up.

Yeah should’ve included it. Forgot :(

User Info: mana_hero

1 week ago#4
I think co-op would be cool. A scenario based around Leon and Claire staying together instead of getting separated.
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User Info: General_Milky

1 week ago#5
Extra Difficulties was my pick, but only because it's closest to "Arrange Mode that includes bonus mode content and may also include a randomizer."

User Info: BlueSnow

1 week ago#6
Fixed Camera Angle Mode for sure !

I wouldn't mind story dlc or proper A/B scenarios either though. I honestly don't really care about the other choices.
Yes, RE3 included. Considering how annoying mr X was here, i don't wanna imagine how game breaking (literally) annoying Nemesis will be.
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User Info: Growshroom

1 week ago#7
What I'd most like to see that would also be easiest to implement would be an Arrange Mode that changes enemy, weapon, and item spawns. They could also include some of the Ghost Survivors enemies into the game if they did this.
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User Info: DerektheWilder

1 week ago#8
They should only do the occasional bug fix and patch for this game and put the rest of their focus on R3MAKE. Jill, Nemesis and UBCS are more interesting than anything RE2 has to offer.
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User Info: Vamp_Wraith

1 week ago#9
A new story DLC would be good fun if it features monsters that didn’t make the cut. And maybe a unique boss too.
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User Info: KANE_79

1 week ago#10
Out of the poll options, I'd like to see a raid mode. Otherwise, a rogue-like mode sounds intriguing.

Edit: Post below reminded me I'd like to see more costumes.
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