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  3. Would you be ok with Wesker coming back again?

User Info: Scryed

1 month ago#101
The-DreamKiller posted...
Wesker pulling the chopper into the lava with Chris and Sheva in it should've been the actual ending. They just need to reboot 4-6 honestly.

no take your trash opinion elsewhere. Well i agree on 6.

User Info: prinny_wesker

1 month ago#102
edward18 posted...
How? Clones have only ever worked in RE how they would in real life. It'd just be a new person with his DNA, not his consciousness or anything.

Like I've already said, Alex Wesker's research could easily provide the backbone for a clone plotline.

I'd like to think there would be some kind of longterm plan for her research because otherwise it just seems strange to waste a DLC chapter in RE5 to set her up only to kill her off in a spinoff title.

User Info: bluegender4ever

1 month ago#103
I was fine with Wesker as background antagonist. He served as the ridiculous tie between all the plots. RE5 just showed he's really annoying when he's actually brought to the forefront though.

So no, I wouldn't want him to come back for that reason. Also because the "character won't stay dead" trope is really f***ing stupid.
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User Info: PFreece

1 month ago#104
He survived the resident evil 5 rockets

the truth is out there

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User Info: SevenX

1 month ago#105
-se7en- posted...
SevenX posted...
-se7en- posted...
Or should he stay dead?

I have a hunch that Capcom is going to find a way to bring him back.

If they did, they would have been brought him back, instead enter "Jake Wesker" appeared in RE6. It's 2019, what's the hold up for them?

Wesker came back after 2 games into the timeline.

So RE8 may bring him back after RE5.

But did those games take place after RE5? Bringing him back as a character in mercs doesn't count.

There's a chance they may not bring him back as well.


1 month ago#106
If rather see Wesker than Jacob again.

He kinda annoyed me in 6. Definitely my least favorite of the three campaigns.
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User Info: ZoeBinguise

3 weeks ago#107
XxAxem_BlackxX posted...
They can't bring him back since he's dead.

WOOOOOO~ That is true!

User Info: Kalderus

3 weeks ago#108
What about bringing him back psychologically/spiritually through Jake? Ala the Joker in Arkham Knight or Norman Osborne in the original Spiderman movie sequels. Jake could be constantly taunted by him in mirrors or narrow hallways and argue with himself in front of Sherry or whoever else stars in this hypothetical game.

Jakes's then ever so gradually driven to madness, and by the game's climax removes his sunglasses and his eyes turn red (also his hair grows rapidly and automatically slicks+combs itself back, lol), and he begins talking in his father's voice (Waugh or Douglas, whoever fans prefer I guess). Jake then regains all of his father's powers and executes an elaborate revenge plot. Perhaps brought about through some serum/virus he acquired from his aunt, Alex.

Call it insane and cliche/overused as a plot device, but it's still better than Simmons the T-Rex bio-transformer.
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User Info: edward18

3 weeks ago#109
Is it?
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User Info: DominiqueT

3 weeks ago#110
-se7en- posted...
XxAxem_BlackxX posted...
They can't bring him back since he's dead.

Well it's true that getting blast in the head by 2 rockets while the rest of the body sank into the lava seems pretty impossible to survive, I'm sure Capcom can come up with some incredibly lame idea and say, "Thats not the real Wesker and he clone himself."

Of course i mean he “died” in the first game as well
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