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  3. I hope they patch out mr x. He makes the game unplayable.

User Info: THuGNiFiCeNT651

1 month ago#61
I don't smoke crack.

User Info: kayako

1 month ago#62
What they should have done was to make Mr. X immune to pause, item box, and puzzle solving screens. I mean he's already immune to bookshelves.
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User Info: pmort

1 month ago#63
RighteousFist posted...
You think it's hard for you? I prefer playing with the music turned off, so I can never tell whether he's seen me or not because I never hear his theme music playing, only the footsteps. I have to check around to see if he's noticed me yet.

Also, just use the videos that show you how to juke Mr. X. If you aim at him, and then run away, he's programmed to take a punch at the place where you were standing when you aimed at him. So, if you aim at his head for a few seconds, then back track away, he'll stupidly punch at the empty air where you were standing, and you can run past him every time.

Also, his move where he grabs you and throws you backwards doesn't actually do any damage. Sometimes I'll try to run past him on purpose, knowing full well I'll get thrown backwards, and when he resets to do his stretching animation, truck past him anyway. He's not so much a threat once you learn his patterns. He's actually quite predictable.

His throw does damage, just not a lot.

User Info: nonexistinghero

1 month ago#64
Danstars1 posted...
What is everyone’s problem just loose him, don’t make noise so not to attract him. Think tactically it’s really not hard! Besides he doesn’t chase you constantly for that long

Such a good plan. Lose him without making noise all while having to deal with zombies and lickers.
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  3. I hope they patch out mr x. He makes the game unplayable.
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