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User Info: yipeeyahoo

3 months ago#41
I saw this on reddit. Just thought that some of you might be interested as well :)
You are welcome to add me :D

User Info: cheezeit

2 months ago#42
I know it's late but thanks for the link yipeeyahoo. Nice to know Jill's edge has that higher aimed crit chance to help prop it up some.

Every once in awhile I come back to this game and recently decided to go ahead and see how the G4 fight works.

It seems to be on a sort of point system. Popping 1 eye = 1 point mostly, but with a couple of weapons it's not as straightforward.

Claire's magnum seems to pierce. Some shots while G4 is standing will award 2 points. I assume this is hitting near adjoining eyes and counting both. When G4 is crouched ready to run, a shot at his top eyes usually gives 3 points, but sometimes 2.

The Spark Shot will usually give 3-5 points during it's charge up, if interrupted, and if the final shock goes off it will give 6-11 points. It's usually towards the lower end of the range.

The grenade launcher is next to useless. I've done 5 flame rounds and not gotten a single point. It will eventually but the damage is abysmal.

The hand grenade will always give 11 points assuming an eye isn't in the process of regrowing.

On standard, you need 65 points for him to go into his final crawl. On hardcore, you need 80.
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User Info: Death_Shadow15

2 months ago#43
I'm curious to know how many damage points the Lightning Hawk does when focused.

User Info: cheezeit

2 months ago#44
The focus bonus for each weapon is in the link to the older topic.

For the hawk it's +50% at maximum focus. The damage ramps up as the crosshair shrinks, and maximizes on the frame before the dot in the center appears.

For hardcore a normal focused shot would go:
650 [base damage] * 1.5 [focus bonus] * 0.65 [dynamic rank 9+] = 634 damage

The barrel would add more damage:
650 [base damage] * 1.5 [focus bonus] * 1.25 [barrel bonus] * 0.65 [dynamic rank 9+] = 792 damage

Rarely (around 5% of the time), the magnum fires a critical shot that gives a bit of extra damage:
650 [base damage] * 1.5 [focus bonus] * 1.25 [barrel bonus] * 1.3 [critical shot] * 0.65 [dynamic rank 9+] = 1,030 damage

Some enemy types react differently to certain weapons. An enemy like G3 would resist some magnum damage by default and if he's not shot in the eye it would be even less, like this:
650 [base damage] * 0.77 [G3 magnum resistance] * 0.5 [G3 bodyshot] * 1.5 [focus bonus] * 1.25 [barrel bonus] * 0.65 [dynamic rank 9+] = 305 damage

Check the link to the older topic if you'd like more details for different enemies.
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User Info: cheezeit

1 month ago#45
Hope this is ok to leave here, but i've made a short video to illustrate a bit how the damage system in this game works. It's older footage from back when the game came out, but i've only recently gotten the time to string it together.
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