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User Info: Slayersfan

4 weeks ago#1
Hey all,

I don't own the remake of Resident Evil 2 yet but would like to get it eventually. I've replayed all of the older games, from the originals to the remakes (except for 6, 7 and the new RE2 since I don't own them) and had a blast.I have to say though, easily my least favorite was 5. I was kind of shocked to see at least on Reddit and a few other places I checked, this is their top game?

I'm not trying to crap on it if it is everyone fav, I just wanted to throw a few things out since I just played a bunch of the games. Maybe people don't agree with this, but that's fine.

1. People say that the fear/isolation was removed once RE4 came out, and I can understand that it's definitely more of an action feel to it in the later half of the game, but I still thought it was scary in some parts, and had a horror feel to it. RE5 was the first (for me) that totally threw that out the window. It felt like I was in a Call of Duty setting most of the time.

2. Once you complete a section of the game, you go into this hub world/screen, where you select weapons, next mission stuff, etc. It just completely took me out of the game as it doesn't feel like Resident Evil at all.

3. I know people make fun of the Chris hitting the rock thing, but it's true. While the other games had hammy/corny moments, I feel like there were way more in this then others.

4. I personally thought the story itself was rather bland, and the origin of the virus was phoned in, along with what they did to Wesker at the end. Just my personal opinion on that one, but I really didn't like where they went with it.

A few positives, I thought the multiplayer aspect was fun, and the horde type mode was much better in this then 4, and more polished. Thanks for listening.
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User Info: woahiluvdis

4 weeks ago#2
No I doubt there are any people that like it

User Info: Jaqen_Hghar

4 weeks ago#3
I Loved RE5, still play it once or twice a year.
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User Info: doowop

4 weeks ago#4
proud re5 fan here
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User Info: KINGR1P

4 weeks ago#5
I liked it but its easily my least favorite over the shoulder RE.

User Info: Sprint3r06

4 weeks ago#6
I can verify that no one in the world actually likes it.

User Info: osurpless

4 weeks ago#7
doowop posted...
proud re5 fan here

Likewise, the files and expansion into storyline elements were the icing on the cake of the already improved RE4 gameplay.

Even the fear of inconsistent storyline moments turned out to be playful, like when Wesker says “We last met at the Spencer Mansion, didn’t we?” Thinking Capcom forgot about Code Veronica, it was nice to see it was a reference to Jill’s fate, as opposed to the first game.

The music was a disappointment, but RE has been going downhill since RE4 (and most of that score is nothing to write home about for outside listening), to the point that Capcom thankfully gave the option to have the original in the RE2 Remake.
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User Info: Game_Fan09

4 weeks ago#8
It's not my favorite. It can be fun but, it strayed too far from what made its predecessors great imo.
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User Info: Foxhound3857

4 weeks ago#9
I love it for the coop and the Mercenaries. Single player is pretty meh though.
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User Info: kgould01

4 weeks ago#10
It's my least fav.
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