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  3. I love RE0. With the over the top love for RE1make, why is RE0 so underrated?

User Info: krono069

1 week ago#1
They're such similar games...
I'm not saying objectively Zero should be loved by everybody or anything. It just leaves me wondering, with RE1make being considered the end all be all by so many, why is RE0 so overlooked?

I mean, by comparison, for example, I find RE0 to be a much better game than RE3. Yet in polls here on Gamefaqs, RE0 is constantly ignored in favor of RE3.

I wholeheartedly understand this is all subjective opinion of course. I just find the overall lack of appreciation for RE0 odd. Am I the only one who loves this game?

I'd rather see an RE0 remake over RE3 in a heartbeat.
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User Info: Raeng

1 week ago#2
A lot didn't like the unique aspects to it. I personally love the game but here are some of the things people tend to hate about it:

- while the game starts strong with an interesting area (train), it quickly shifts to just another generic mansion with another generic facility;
- the main villain coming straight out of Final Fantasy;
- dropping items was messy;
- the grappling hook taking up two slots and constantly being needed;
- most bosses felt like rejects from other games;
- the game was hyped as to explain a lot of questions within the lore, but ended up just generating more questions;
- the game was VERY hard for people as I recall. Resident Evil was never a difficult series once you knew what you were doing, but managing two characters, low amounts of healing, tough enemies etc - I recall a lot of people switching to Easy;
- No Crimson Heads;
- no unique weapons;
- very inspiration dry-puzzles;

Again, I personally love the game, but those are the main complaints I've heard.
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User Info: Alxyjuno

1 week ago#3
I liked RE0 a lot actually. I probably had a favorable bias from the beginning due to how eager I was at the now-scrapped "RE64", which ultimately was RE0 in the making.

Graphics were great and I'm a sucker for old school RE tank controls. Music was okay, some parts of mansion were creepy.

Overall though, it is a very flawed game IMO. To me, the inventory management system was cool at first but it was awkward, however, I did appreciate how much they were willing to (literally) think outside the box and try new stuff. Billy was forgettable IMO and the story was so over the top and too anime' with all the leech super villian nonsense.

I appreciate it and love nonetheless. Interestingly enough, I think I'd probably pick it over RE3, even though I think RE3 is more of a conventionally good game.

Somewhat related: Say what you will, but the save music theme from RE3 is phenomenal.

Tl;Dr I love RE0 and how awkward it is, but it's seriously a very "Not your cup of tea" type game for most folks.
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User Info: bcornelia

1 week ago#4
it's a clumsy prequel and totally ignorable lore-wise.
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User Info: SteelDragon2050

1 week ago#5
My main issues were the inventory system, and those leeches you had to find to unlock stuff.

User Info: BlueSnow

1 week ago#6
I don't get it either RE0 is awesome. Most hate probably comes from people who were too dumb for the inventory system.
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User Info: Doppier

1 week ago#7
The infamous Hookshot and small inventory space. Apart from those it's a good game. I like it.
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User Info: krono069

1 week ago#8
Clumsy? Or perhaps, ahead of it's time?

I guess to me, the thought of switching between characters today, with the RE7 engine, sounds awesome.

Maybe dial it back a bit and add in item boxes, a little more inventory space and I feel like it would be amazing.

But that's just me I guess. To each their own. I'll play an RE3make if they drop it. I guess I'd just prefer RE0. By quite a bit actually...
"I may lead you astray every now and then, but I'm always a safe bet." ~Mat Cauthon

User Info: ohdenny88

1 week ago#9
I really liked it too
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User Info: godofwar596

1 week ago#10
The item dropping mechanic wasn't done well, it honestly made it pretty clunky. Like that one dude said, the train section was great but after that it becomes meh, I didn't like the mansion level in it. Felt like they were trying to replicate REmake in the mansion level too hard but it just comes off as half baked.

I actually think it needs a remake more than 3, 3 is still really fun to play to this day but I can never finish 0 and I've tried multiple times. If they added in item boxes while still keeping the drop mechanic and flesh out the mansion level more I'm sure it'd be a very good game.
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  3. I love RE0. With the over the top love for RE1make, why is RE0 so underrated?
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