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  3. And the award for WORST puzzle in the game goes to....

User Info: Rorgin

1 week ago#31
AssassinZeroOne posted...
Sherry's puzzle was annoying to me at first, but after I practised it for the trophy you realize just how easy it is. None are difficult in this game but I dislike the circuit breakers the most.

Agree on everything you said.
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User Info: Alkamizt

1 week ago#32
They were all fairly easy. Circuit breakers were some of the easiest.

User Info: TrevorBlack79

1 week ago#33
The plant solution mixture was the only remotely difficult puzzle, but even that wasn't bad at all. I can't even imagine having trouble with the circuit breakers or Sherry's blocks.
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

1 week ago#34
The circuit breaker in the A scenario has the same solution from the original RE2. I lol'd when it worked on the first try during my playrhrough. Up Up Down Up is something you never forget!

Also, I still don't know if people are joking about RE3`s water puzzle. Are you guys talking about the gears in the park, or the one in the lab? Either way neither were truly difficult. But that's just me.

That Clock Tower pebble puzzle on the other hand is a dick. To this day I still can't do it reliably.
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User Info: BadJamNToast

1 week ago#35
I thought the puzzle in the lab with the tubes where you have to get the right amount of solution was a lot more annoying. I had to search it eventually.

User Info: TylerWolfy

1 week ago#36
Dunaris posted...
Didn't bother me.

None of the puzzles were particularly annoying.

User Info: liamx2000

1 week ago#37
All the puzzles in this were tame I think compared to others like RE3 water puzzle.
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User Info: Cypher0120

1 week ago#38
Dino Crisis' DDK discs were fine, I think. There's enough clues. And the second playthrough almost guarantees previous memorization because the password is pretty much the name of the place you need to go to.

It's the pipe puzzles that annoyed me.
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User Info: Doppier

1 week ago#39
I swear there were more puzzles than dinosaurs in the first Dino Crisis.
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User Info: EvVv3

1 week ago#40
I have alot of trouble with the circuits with the 2 electronic parts installed.
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